5 New August Promo Codes you must know about

Here are the best Roblox promo codes for August that actually work

Codes For Arsenal

First up we have the Roblox arsenal promo codes and this month arsenal is feeling  a bit generous and so is rewarding us for playing 

Redeem these codes and you can unlock bucks to use in-game, different skins, and different announcer voices for when you’re on that massive killstreak! These codes are working for Arsenal in July 2021.

GARCELLO – Redeem for a Garcelo Kill Effect and a Garcelo Skin

POG – 1,200 bucks

POKE – Free Poke Skin

ROLVE – Free Fanboy Skin

BLOXY – Free Money!

Bandites – Bandites Announcer Voice

EPRIKA – Eprika Announcer Voice

FLAMINGO – Flamingo Announcer Voice

JOHN – John Announcer Voice

KITTEN – Koneko Announcer Voice

PET – PetrifyTV Announcer Voice

ANNA – Anna Skin

F00LISH – Jackeryz Skin

CBROX – Phoenix Skin

So, as you can see Roblox arsenal is giving away free bucks,  cash skins, and gear.

 Codes For Boku No Roblox

These promo codes will give you free Robux for playing the Boku no Roblox. The codes are 100 % working so go try them out before they expire

Here are the codes currently available in the game:

300MVISITS – Redeem for 30K Cash

man1f3st – Redeem for 50K Cash

echoeyesonYT5K – Redeem code for 25,000 Cash

Codes For Strongman Simulator

Strongman Simulator takes you to the gym to become the best as you battle it out against other strong players in one of the best Roblox simulations. The goal is to drag items across a line to gain energy, then use that energy at the gym in order to strengthen your character.

You will love the evolution as you take your character from a piece of string cheese to a giant that no one will want to mess with.

Here are all of the current working codes for Strongman Simulator:

100m – Boost

Chad – Rewards You With A Rubber Duck

10m – 2x Energy Boost

25k – 2x Energy Boost

1500likes – 2x Energy Boost

5000likes – 2x Energy Boost

10000 – 2x Energy Boost

500likes – 2x Energy Boost

strongman – Rewards You With A Pet

Codes For Era Of Althea Perks

A game called Era of Althea was just released in January 2021, and it has become massively popular. It has a focus on adventure and exploration, and players are always looking for new codes.

These come in the form of spins which will grant you things like more spins or Yul. You will need to hit ‘M’ to bring up the radial menu, then click on the cog in the center in order to open the window to enter codes.

The current working codes are as follows:

25LIKES! – 15 Free Spins

4MILVISITS! – 15 Free Spins

ShutdownForFixesA! – 5 Free Spins

2MVISITS! – 15 Free Spins

AhwokenTwitter! – 5 Free Spins

MaineEOA – 5 Free Spins

Code For Banana Eats: QUARTERBILLION

The developers for Banana Eats recently went on a well-deserved mental health break where they stepped back from updating the game and releasing new content for it. However, they had already said they would be back eventually and now that they are, players have been gifted a new in-game promo code for a skin.

Game Reward: Robloxian Highschool’s Bombastic Bling

Robloxian Highschool offers a free necklace for your avatar called Bombtastic Bling, and it is something a Slender would never wear. It requires obtaining a key for a locked room, entering a portal, and then completing an obby.


One of the codes you can enter onto the Roblox Redemption Page will give you a shoulder accessory, but it is a bit creepy. It is a cola can with spider legs coming out of it, and this disgusting thing sits on your shoulder as you journey through your favorite games.

This isn’t something everyone is into, but if you enjoy the creepy and disturbing then this might intrigue you.


This blue little bird is beyond adorable and it looks too cute sitting atop your avatar’s shoulder. It looks similar to the bird in the Twitter logo in both color and design, but what makes it even better is the fact that it’s free.

Whether you want to use it or not, you should still enter the promo code on the off-chance that one day you decide you want it to accompany your avatar.


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