Alex Cheated On Zach! (Why They Broke Up)?

So if you are watching this video then all might know InquisitorMaster and the squad. Right! But if some of you are new to the Roblox community, And if you don’t know who they are then don’t worry, we are here to tell you. But make sure to stay in the loop till the end. So guys, InquisitorMaster and the squad is a group of almost 10 people who play Roblox and are YouTube stars. Alex is the head or we can say the creator of the group. Zach is also one of the members of the squad and is dating InquisitorMaster a.k.a Alex. They have been dating since 2017 and fans thought that soon they’re going to marry each other. Unfortunately, it seems like the reality is different. As of now, there are many rumors of the breakup. We don’t know how much the rumors are true. But if it’s true then the main reason for their breakup came out to be Alex cheating Zach! But why was she cheating on him? I know it sounds really shocking to most of their fans. But we are talking about what we heard. So let’s talk about this in detail.

Zach was Mean To Alex!!

So guys the first reason which came forward is that Zach was mean to Alex! We all know it’s been five years that Alex and Zach are dating each other. But as the time and years passed, Zach’s behavior towards Alex changed. Like he was somewhat rude and arrogant towards her. And this thing causes differences between them. Where Alex chose her self-respect and decided to break up with Zach! And there are also rumors that due to this Alex secretly started dating someone else.

Never Actually Loved Each Other!

So, guys, I know this point will shock many people. It is said that Alex and Zach never loved each other. It was just their political stunt to gain more fame and popularity! I know it’s really heartbreaking to many of their fans. But guys, don’t lose your hope as we too are not sure about their breakup.

Age Difference

The other rumor was that Alex is five years older than Zach, which means Zach is younger and immature than Alex. And soon Zach and Alex might break up with each other and Zach will find his new soulmate who will be cuter than Alex and will be his age-mate.

Zach Created His Own Squad!!

So guys you all might know that Zach has created his own squad which led to a lot of people believing him and Alex broke up! After all, Zach hasn’t been included in the squad videos for quite a while. And do you know they even removed each other from their channel section on YouTube? It’s really weird and led many fans to believe that they broke up with each other.

InquisitorMaster Has Had A Boyfriend Before Zach!

I think some of you might know that InquisitorMaster has had a Boyfriend before Zach and his name was Mr. Jaws. He is not really well known in the Roblox community but he is really well known in the InquisitorMaster’s community. Mr. Jaws used to play many games with her but he wasn’t in a lot of videos. Now, it is said that Mr.Jaws came back to America just to meet Alex after their long breakup. And Alex secretly meets her ex-boyfriend just to sort out everything and to begin afresh journey of their relationship!!!. And when Zach came to know about this thing he was full of rage and went to Mr.jaws for a fight!! Alex once said in her video that she is still friends with Mr.jaws. So, there could be a possible reason that they both still like each other. And this could also be the reason that both Alex and Zach decided to break up! 

Alex and Zach are one of the most loved couples in the Roblox community, and it is sad to see and hear things like this, right? Alex and Zach have been together for more than three years now, and the news of the couple breaking up is not what we would like to hear from them, but the reasons that we have discussed in the video are more than enough to make us more and more convinced that they might actually be interested in splitting ways now! What do you think about that, guys? Do you think they will really split, or is it just some rumors? Let us know your views in the comment section.


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