Alex Responds To Cheating On ZacharyZaxor with Levi!

Alex responds to cheating on ZacharyZaxor with Levi. Yes Finally, Alex has revealed the truth. After so much discussion and stories, Alex finally reacted to the rumor of cheating on Zach with Levi.

As you know, Zach has already left the squad and he made his own Z squad which they also call the Pack. He was inactive on his channel for a long long time because he was busy making videos with the Inquisitormaster squad until he felt like now he isn’t the part of it anymore. Drake had already left because he already sensed that being part of the Inquisitormaster squad was not what he wanted. He was gone for a few months and was supposed to rejoin the Inquisitormaster squad. But he came back to his brother’s Z squad and surprised everyone. Also, Zach has never made any video again with the squad nor he talked about it anymore. It means, I mean, something BIG had happened between him and Alex that made him do that. Right? 

Guys, Alex is a very cute and kind girl. But sometimes due to her hectic routine, she becomes rude and doesn’t treat the squad members well. Some of the members have a problem with her attitude. Drake is one of those. Apart from that, she is such a nice girl and so committed to her work. She is running the squad like a pro and no one can beat her in running the squad like that. She is also a genius from the start. She was famous as Einstein among her fellows because she was such a smart kid in school. But there are some problems with her relationship life. As you people know, nothing is perfect. Alex has some problems in this side of her life. 

To those who know Alex since only after the start of the squad, then they might know that Zach is ALex’s boyfriend from the start. They looked cute with each other especially when they made Vlogs and TikToks together. They were really close and a cute couple that everyone used to admire. But what happened was that, in one of the videos, Alex was really very close with Levi and they were laughing and pretending like they are in a relationship in front of Zach. After that video, things changed a lot. Fans started saying that Alex and Levi are in a relationship with each other. Some of the fans started threatening Zach by asking him not to come in between this cute couple. The thing is, Zach has also a huge fan following and those fans felt really bad for him. So after that, Alex didn’t stop but she started to be more close with Levi in upcoming videos. And that’s the reason that Zach has left the squad and her too. 

Guys, recently, Alex posted a story on Instagram in which she said that she had been depressed for the past few months due to the things that were happening among the squad members behind the screens. She usually doesn’t share her sadness with fans, but according to her, this time it was different. She said that there are some problems going on among the members of the squad and added that, everyone should respect all of the members. Guys, it seems that she was upset due to her breakup with Zach. Maybe Zach has misunderstood something between Alex and Levi, Maybe they were just hanging out casually with each other and Zach might have taken it wrong. Alex is really sad after all of this and she didn’t expect that Zach will really leave him and will never come back. He even stopped making videos with the squad now. Even he didn’t let Drake join them. Alex is really hurt and she is just waiting for Zach to come back. 

If you don’t know then let me tell you that, Alex had another boyfriend, Mr. Jaws and they were also very happy with each other. They broke up because of long-distance relationships and different life goals. Maybe, the same reason is there with Alex and Zach, that are different life goals and they couldn’t sort out their common goals. They might have left each other because they have different dreams now. But whatever happened is really sad. Alex said that she is just friends with Levi a lot of times, but she couldn’t make Zach believe that. 

Maybe, they are just angry with each other for a short time. We hope that they makeup soon again and get married.


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