All new Secret OP Codes for ROBLOX in June 2021

Are you looking for Roblox Promo Codes that are working in June 2021? If yes, then we’ve got your back! With these promo codes you can get accessories and other items TOTALLY FREE! Not only this but your avatar will look stylish and stand out from the rest.

The first promo code is TWEET ROBLOX:

Guys the first promo code in our list is the most commonly used called TWEETROBLOX. And we all know that this promo code never expires. So you can immediately redeem it and the item you get is THE BIRD SAYS UNDERSCORE. You basically get a twitter birdie that looks super cute. Now honestly speaking this is one promo code that you can get anytime as it never expires and looks cool as well.

The second promo code is SPIDER COLA:

I’m pretty sure this next promo code will make you really happy. It is SPIDER COLA. It is another working code right now and you can redeem a FREE SPIDER COLA SHOULDER PET. Now that is certainly amazing and I know a lot of you guys already know about the importance of this super cool item. So be quick to grab this item from Roblox before it gets expired because that certainly will be really sad.

The Third promo code is RIHAPPYCAT2021:

The next promo code is probably the latest one on the list. This absolutely new promo code is RIHAPPYCAT2021. Guys you can redeem this promo code right now and get an ARCTIC NINJA CAT HAT for free. But guys make sure you redeem it as quickly as possible because I don’t think it will be available for a long while.

The fourth promo code is STRIKE A POSE:

Now let’s move ahead and get into this new stuff for the next promo code. This will be a redeemable code in this game called island of move. Guys you should definitely go ahead because there are a ton of promo codes waiting for you. So when you go ahead an open island of move it looks pretty cool. When you enter you can go towards a robot and press E a screen will pop up which will show two options PLAY GAME or REDEEM CODES. Click on redeem codes and enter this promo code STRIKEAPOSE. As soon as you type it you will redeem an item which most probably is going to be a Hustle Hat. And that is so amazing and really easy to do!

The fifth promo code is SETTING THE STAGE:

Guys for this next promo code you will have to repeat the same process in island of move. You will do the same thing again and go towards another robot, Press E and then you will redeem code. The code is SETTING THE STAGE as soon as you enter this code you will get a build it backpack for your character and that too absolutely free. 

The sixth promo code is DIY:

Now guys moving ahead you can use another promo code in the same game island of move. After getting a free backpack you can get something even better. You can enter the game and do the same process as I mentioned previously. Go towards another character or robot, press E and then click on redeem code. Enter the promo code DIY and you will get kinetic staff that will be absolutely free and you can use it easily.

The seventh promo code is VICTORYLAP

Guys another amazing promo code that you can easily use to get free items in island of move. This promo code is called VICTORYLAP. And by redeeming this promo code you can get Cardio cans.

The eight promo code is WORLD ALIVE:

Guys the last promo code for today is this one that you can also redeem in the same game island of move. After entering this promo code WORLDALIVE you can redeem a crystalline companion and that too absolutely free. Amazing right?

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