Zalex: Are Alex and Zach really Married?

Today I’ll be looking into whether Alex and Zach are really married. There’s been some speculations about this going on in the community so hopefully we can clarify everything today.

A website recently claimed that Alex and Zach were actually married. According to, “Zach and Alex were married last weekend at the beautiful Farmhouse venue in Montgomery Texas, surrounded by those that love them. I loved the little unique details throughout the day that gave thanks to the Lord for their marriage and the constant reminder to keep the Lord at the center of their marriage.”

I’m not sure if this is true. It could easily be true because they have been together for a very long time, but why would they not make a video about it for their beloved fans? Personally, I would love to have known about this if it was true since I’m a big fan of this couple. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Rumors about Zach and Alex

Anyway, speaking about announcements, Zach has not given his fans any updates on his channel so people started spreading rumors such as the one we mentioned from the article.

Since Zach has not uploaded in 3 months a lot of fans are starting to say that Zach and Alex are on their honeymoon. However, you should be very careful with rumors like that because I personally think that they are not true. After all, we have no real evidence pointing towards marriage or a honeymoon between the two. That’s right guys, looks like they are not married…. YET.

Will Zach and Alex get married soon?

The couple definitely have some great moments that might increase the chances of them actually getting married soon. One of these is Inquisitormaster giving Zach a new cat. In the video, this moment is one of the best ones yet because the reactions were just outrageous.

Alex knows that Zach loves cats so she decided to surprise him with one and she wanted the gift to be really special for Zach so she tried her best to surprise him and it went well. Zach was completely shocked when he saw the cat and he was filled with joy and so was Alex.

In my opinion, this moment is actually the best one and it shows their strong relationship with each other.

Another video is where Zach surprises Alex on valentines day. This video is one of the most entertaining videos so far and Alex nearly cried because of the surprise. It took a long time for Zach to plan the surprise and it was a room filled with red and white balloons and a stuffed bear with over 1000 roses on it. It was the sweetest thing ever as it showed how their relationship has stayed consistent for 3 whole years.

All of these romantic gestures and moments sure make it believable that they might get married in the next year.. who knows!

Will Zach and Alex break up before getting married?

For those who think that they might break up before marriage, you are wrong. A website said that they have been together for 3 years. The two have already been dating for more than 3 years so it would not make too much sense to break up as they are having a great time together making videos.

We believe that the squad has played a huge role in their relationship as both Alex and Zach would want to get back together if they ever broke up. It would be necessary in order to keep the videos going and because they don’t want to waste the 3 years that they spent together. Plus, they are basically supporting each other on YouTube. The two do YouTube together and if we take a look at their collabs, it’s really sweet and Zach even got to grow faster with Inquisitormasters help.

Conclusion: Are Alex and Zach married?

In conclusion, the couple doesn’t seem like they are married yet. Then again, we have no idea on what is going on in their personal lives since they are not sharing it in their videos.

The article that I mentioned at the beginning of this post is definitely false but they are still a pretty strong duo who could get married in the future. We might see Inquisitormaster marry Zach in a couple of years if their relationship goes well which is what it is right now. I personally hope that they will get married sooner because the squad will be much stronger together. Their friendships will develop even more and they could be like a family which is really wholesome.


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