Best Roblox Gear to sell for EASY PROFIT

Want to earn some profit by selling the best Roblox gear? But you must be finding the best way to do it! You can earn a pretty handsome amount of Profit by selling some best Roblox Gear.

If you really want to earn some profit by selling items in Roblox, then you must be good math OR I will say Stats. Well, these two are really boring subjects, but if you have missed them reading by heart in school, then you will regret it today. Because, earning profit needs some strategic mind and not the lazy one. Also, trading in Roblox is risky and needs seriousness. But DON’T WORRY, I am here to tell you the best methods to earn some really good profit by selling top and best gear in the Roblox. So, without further ado, let me show you the first method or you can say all the methods are same, so let me explain you the real strategy. 

The first method that I am going to tell you is regular trading method. In this method you will have some smaller valued items, some bigger and some wrap items. In this type of normal trading, you can just trade for higher wrap items for higher value with some valued items. But you must know that, sometimes you will have to over pay in case you are receiving a good item and giving some bad items. So yeah, that’s the case you must know before trading by this method. If you have decided to over, them make sure that, you are making more of someone else. Amm, I think you understand what I am saying.  Also, there is nothing bad in trading lower demand items or you can say rez. But as along as you are getting them for a lowball, then its OK! But still make sure that, you are getting it from the right amount of a lowball. Approximately, this trading method would go up 110 for 140, but you must take a good decision because other people are offering higher than that. If you want to look, how much your item will get, you have to check trading ads for the specific item.

The second method that I am going to tell you is Projecting or Projected flipping. Well, these are some theoretical terms, and you might be confused if you are new in trading In Roblox. Don’t be confused or worried, once you start trading here, you will be pro in no time. So, coming to the topic, Projected is the item that has been bought for a high price, to increase the rap. In this way when your rap will increases, other players will be fooled because they will think that they are getting a good deal. But if you don’t know whether your item has been projected in the past or not, see the spike in the graph. If its rap is higher and the number of sellers selling it under its price are more, then it means that it has been projected in the past. But what if you want to project yourself right? Well, you have to scout out an item that has the low number of premium copies, but before you choose it, make sure that the amount of premium copies should not be too low that it makes it hard to obtain it. Because, if there are a high number of premium copies, then people start to sell it for low and eventually its rap goes down. Once you have selected the right item according to the defined features, start hoarding it. It means that, start owing multiple copies of this item, because the more you will owe this item, there are chances of getting more and more profit from it. Well, there is a secret trick here that I am going to tell you. Make a second fake account, and buy this item with a higher price. This will increase the rap of the item which will attract other players towards it. Now the last step comes in this method. Trade of all the copies of this projected item to other people and get handsome amount of profit. Isn’t it cool? Well, you might be getting a headache while knowing these methods if you are non-Math or non-stats person, but if you are a fan of Roblox and its items, then you will surely be a pro in this trading one day and will earn a lot of profit in here. But let me tell you, you will have to do some calculations in here in projected method. Well, this is complicated yet best process if you become a pro. 

Nor projected flipping is getting an item from the projector. In this method you can get the items and profit too! So this method saves your time and effort as compared to projected method.

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