Drake CONFIRMS He LEAVES The Squad To Join The PACK

Drake confirms that he leaves the squad for real! YEAH! Although Alex has announced that he will come back soon, but there is no official news from Drake himself, neither he told the reason to leave the squad ever. But now it is confirmed that he is leaving the squad. Instead, he has joined Zacharyzaxor’s new group, The PACK

Drake just confirmed that he has left the squad for real and he is not coming back again. It was not clear whether Drake is going to come back or not, but after a long time and wait of fans, he said that he is not coming back. If we look at the statement of his brother Zach, then he said recently in a video that Drake will come back soon. He said it earlier too but Drake didn’t come. So maybe he is lying and insisting Drake to change his decision of permanently leaving the squad, but things aren’t working between them right! Drake is the member form the day 1 of the squad and had a huge fan base. Still, he has a lot of fans due to his brother Zach and people miss him a lot. But it is heard that, he is not coming back at all now, because he has taken some other decisions in life.

Since Drake has left many people had made a lot of speculations and stories regarding his absence and most of them were fake and just for the sake of popularity. Maybe Drake didn’t like those talks about him and he decided that he is never going to come back ever. Those were good times, when Zach and Drake used to have a lot of fun in the squad irritating other members and making jokes all the time. Their smile and laughter were also awesome together. But the thing is Drake is not coming back. And it is mostly due to because, the reason he left the squad. The real reason is only known by him, but the reasons that were made by fans might have hurt him a lot. So, lets take a look at the reason of leaving and not coming to the squad forever.

The most probable reason is that he is completing his studies and is just focusing on it, because it becomes very difficult to maintain the studies and squad activities at the same time. Zach said in one of the videos that he is doing what he wants to do and enjoying that. Alex said that he got his dream job and to add some fun in it, she always says that Drake got his dream job of milking wasps. That’s hilarious. But according to them, he is really busy in doings something that related to his carrier and he cannot compromise on it. That’s why he left the squad and is just focusing on that thing.

Some of the fans have sad that, Drake got a new girlfriend in secret and he is spending time with her. That’s why he has left the squad. It doesn’t make sense because his girlfriend is Jade and she is in the squad. She has never said anything like that about Drake and if that happened, she must have told fans that, they have broken up and Drake got someone new. But it never happened at all. So, it might be a lie from some of the people.

The next thing heard is the most hilarious one. It is heard that, Drake started to like Inquisitormaster and that’s why he has left the squad. He just couldn’t face Zach and Jade and that’s why he left. He might have told the Inquisitormaster secretly about his liking towards her, and she might have become angry with him. So, she may have kicked him out of the squad. So yeah! That might be real.

There is another thing that seems real too is that he was just tired of the squad activities and that’s the main reason that he is still hesitating to join the squad again. Not everyone can manage to cope with the daily routine, studies, and making videos for the squad. InquisitorMaster makes videos daily and the participation of all of the members is necessary for it. Therefore, he just left the squad.

People even said that Drake loves his grandma and he is living with her to help her in her daily work along with his studies. Therefore, he likes to spend time here and is not joining the squad back again.

Some people even said that he was COVID positive, but it has been a long since this news came out. He might be better and negative now. And still he is not coming back.

Due to these and some other reasons, Drake has finally said that he is not coming back and will never join the squad again despite the statements of his brother and Alex.


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