Drake left because he broke up with Jade?

Drake left because he broke up with Jade! Yeah! Drake’s absence is the mystery which needs to be solved now and he should come back. Drake found something about Jade and he left the squad.

Do you know why Jade is not coming back to the squad? Since he is not in the squad, a lot of people are making a lot of stuff on him including many false theories and some of them are really meaningful if you listen to them.  But almost all of them are not real at all. I will discuss with you all those reasons to why Drake has left but it is said that, he left because he broke up with Jade. If you are a true Inquisitormaster fan, then you must be aware of the fact that, from the start of the squad, Drake and Jade are in relationship with each other just like Inquisitormaster and Zach. But what happened now that They had broken up.

Guys, Drake’s absence is now the biggest mystery among sharkies. They really want to know when he will come back or will not ever at all. People and fans are making a lot of assumptions about why he is absent and why he said goodbye to the squad. Also, there are a lot of proposed dates for his comeback! Among many of the rumors on the reasons of his act of leaving the squad, one of them is really shocking and its like he broke up with Jade and that’s the reason of his leaving. Let me tell you why they broke up along with many other false rumors. But there are some solid reasons to why he broke up with her.

First of all, let me tell you a little about Jade. Jade is one of the oldest members of the squad from the start. She is best friend of Alex in real life and is very joyful, tomboyish and she loves to tease her friends just like Drake and Zach. She is also very friendly and supportive with members of the squad. And obviously she likes Drake and Drake likes her. They both are in relationship from the start and are a very cute couple. But what happened that they have decided to break up now! Its very confusing and shocking too! One of the things that people said in the absence of the Drake was that, he is taking a small break because he wants to focus on his college and studies. Due to squad activities and games, he was very busy and so he couldn’t give proper time to studies. So, his grades were affecting. But Jade wanted him to continue his squad activities along with studies. Because everyone else is doing that. All the members of the squad are young fellows and they are also very hardworking and giving time to both of these things. This is one of the reasons that created distance between them.

Secondly, Drake was too fed up. He wanted to take some break and enjoy the nature. Guys squad activities are sometimes too much hectic. They have to make videos daily for fans. Not only that, but there are some special events regularly in which each of the member has to participate. That’s so much tiring! Even if you are enjoying a certain thing, you cannot continue that forever. We people also need some time from our daily routine to take a break and do other things that can refresh our minds more. So, Drake is also like that. He is enjoying his studies along with admiring nature around him. That’s good for him. But Jade is not happy. She asked him not to quit the squad videos. Bu the was resistant and gone! This situation also created some space between this cute couple.

Another thing that people are saying are that even Alex said in a video wither in a funny way or whatever that he is taking care of his Grandma. Guys, I don’t know, but many of us were literally attached to our grandparents and even now. They are just another feeling that make you happy and comforted. Drake is also with his grandma and helping her in her daily chores and other things. He wants to spend time with her a lot no matter what. That’s why along with his studies, he is also taking care of his grandma. That’s cute though! But Jade said that he can do all these things at a time. But that’s not possible you know. How can he give time to squad activities, along with studies and on the top of that how can he be with his grandma with these things?  He has to leave one of them get another. That’s why Jade is now angry with him and even they are at the verge of breaking up. I would say they have broken up already. Whatever he wanted to do, Jade denied and finally he decided to leave.

Another thing that Drake didn’t like about Jade was her charming personality and funny behavior with everyone in the squad. Guys! Jade is not only funny and cute with Drake; she is with all of the other members. Even with Zach. Also, the jokes she makes with Alex are not normal at all. Do you know sometimes both of them change their characters while talking like they become Drake and Zach? They start to flirt with each other. Both of them makes romantic jokes changing their characters and this thing offends Drake and even Zach. Drake doesn’t like this behavior of Jade. He even asked her a lot of times to stop it. But who can stop these two cute friends? When they start, everyone has to listen to them. So, this thing created some confusions and misunderstanding between the couple and the broke up after many fights. 

Let me tell you the most shocking reason of breaking up and leaving the squad guys! Wat happened was that, Drake discovered something that he shouldn’t had ever. He discovered that, Jade and Zach had a secret relationship. They were going out without telling anyone else. He was so much angry and sad that he even told Alex about it. But Alex was not ready to agree with him. May be Zach and Jade did some prank on him but he took It seriously because they are not like that. May be Drake is somewhat sensitive towards Jade that’s why he broke up and thought that she was cheating with him. All of these things lead to his absence without any proper announcement from his side. That’s sad guys! I think someone has created a huge confusion in the squad and this has led some people to leave it forever. What is you take on this rumor? Do you agree with it? Tell us in the comments.

  • Another thing that is quite possible that, Drake might be positive for COVID and he had to take rest then. Guys! He is absent from the days when pandemic started and his area was full of cases. Maybe he is taking rest after that and waiting for the pandemic to over to continue some social or even activities that takes energy.

Anything is possible guys! So, you people should hope for the best. They might have broken up temporarily, but we all hope that he comes back quickly and again fill the squad with his charm and make up with Jade!

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