Exposing New Scented Con Games, you MUST play!

Although Roblox strictly prohibits the con and scented con games, because it’s a platform for children. But there are some ways to find them. But you have to be really careful guys because usually whenever a con game is uploaded it is active for only a few hours or even less before Roblox bans them or removes them completely!

Guys for those of you who don’t know these con games are actually games where people like to do online dating and the very funny thing is that you can join these games and expose them and enjoy! But you should be older than 13 to play these games. This is because they are inappropriate games that you shouldn’t play very often because your Roblox account can get a strike or even it can be banned forever as they are against the terms and conditions of Roblox.

But still if you guys want to go ahead and join them one of the simplest and easiest ways for you is to go and join discord. As you guys must already know how you can join discords. For joining discord servers you have to do a bit of research I mean it’s not like a top-notch secret or something you can join these discords on Reddit as well as twitter. There are multiple links available there and you can join easily whenever a new con game is uploaded.

As I mentioned above you have to be really active because these con games get deleted super early. So if you want to join them you have to stay alert all times. Because within matter of hours they will be removed as Roblox is very careful about such platforms and games. 

And if you are looking to join these discords you can find them pretty easily. They share links continuously related to con games in those servers so without any problem you can join them.

You just need to click on the link then click on play and essentially you will be in condo game. But if it actually says content deleted then keep in mind that is has been unfortunately deleted. But if you want to find more discord servers you can search scented con in your Google search bar and you can enter it. In this way also you can get multiple discord servers in front of you. There are also some other key words that you can search like condo games and condo Roblox in your search bar.

Maybe you should search this in incognito mode as google keeps a check of your searches and may start recommending you some weird things that are not what you want or too inappropriate. 

So that is how you can join a con game with the help of a discord server. Now I can share with you some of the con games that have been up recently and guys they are kind of uncomfortable to talk about but let’s see

Shower simulator

Guys I don’t want to go into details as they make me feel really weird and uncomfortable. This game is just a peak level of PG-13 because of the location as it is based in a place with showers and all the people are making some really nasty comments that I cannot even describe. But this is just to give you an idea about con games.

Boys and girls dance club

Next on the list of con games is the boys and girls dance club. This is basically a con game in the sense that there is mainly a club with guys and girls dancing on music and you can meet some weird or extremely flirty people who will make uncomfortable jokes and dance weirdly and that makes the whole situation really uncomfortable and PG-13.

Virus simulator

The next con game on the list is virus simulator. Now it is actually not a con game per say but many people come from con games and play virus simulator and due to that population, the whole game turns in a con concept. They share weird links to other con games and websites containing inappropriate content and that is how the environment changes to something uncomfortable.

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