EXPOSING Secret Condo Games on Roblox that you MUST Try!

Hi guys, and welcome back to Roblox Loaf. Have you been looking for some CONDO games, but still can’t find some good names? Or do you want to find a safe condo game? If yes, then this blog is just for you, as we are going to expose some games on Roblox that are secret scented cons, and you should really play them. 

1. MEEP City:

This is one of the most famous games on Roblox, and honestly a ton of people do not know that it is actually a secret con game. While the main theme of the game is a simple social hangout and role play game. It is a causal game, and you can hang out here with your friends, and have some quality time together. 

But, here comes the not so safe edge. The children safe game meep city is also a secret condo. You can actually find and do a lot of stuff, which simply does not feel right! This includes adult content, wrong words and even weird emojis. Of course, like any other con game, you will be able to find similarities in meep city. You will find objectionable items, and those unique emotes too.

Now, you might ask how one can access the Con side in the innocent looking Meep City? The process is really easy. You just have to find a garden in the map, and nearby that garden, you will find a flashy building of the club. That club, is where you need to be! It is the hub of all the not so good side of Meep City is shown, and you can certainly try a lot of things there. 

A lot of famous gamers have also live streamed their gameplays on this side of the game. Meep city is innocent by the face, and a good amount of people would actually never realize that the game has such content in it. But, it is now clear that you can have a good time in meep city with such additions of con games. 

But, before we move on to the second name in this list, I want you to warn you for a second. It is evident that condo games and Roblox don’t go too well, and we have witnessed that a ton of games get banned due to the violation of terms and conditions by Roblox. So, if you enjoy such games, then you are also at a verge of getting banned.

In order to avoid it, we suggest you to use a new account or an alternative account, which will make you immune from any damage on your main account. You won’t want to lose your years of progress on your main account. So, make sure to use an alternative account. With that, let’s see the number two on the list.

2. Iris Club

Iris Club is just a straight up Con game. It is so straight forward, that it is on the verge to be banned. But, for some reason, you can still play this game. It is far from getting banned, because a ton of people play it every day, and still Roblox has taken no action on it. It is a club, where you can dance, and of course, do a little more than that. There are no misleading and hiding tactics used in Iris city, as there were on  Iris Club. 

The game involves a good amount of customization options as well. You can change the shape of your character. You can also complete the overall skin, and choose to wear a shirt, or go totally shirtless as well.

Other than that, to justify its name, Iris Club is totally based on a club. There is a dancing area, dancing poles, the music and even the lighting is set according to the club. Thus, the game is going to be extreme fun. Just to heat the things up a little bit, you can also play this game with your friends, double the fun, isn’t it?

Just like meep city, iris club is also a well known name when it comes to streamers. You can always expect not safe for work content in such games, and the streamers are aware of this too. So, the videos are either blurred or edited. 

But, if you need an uncensored edition, then you should clearly try out these games. Remember to use your alternate accounts, and then you are good to go! 

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