How to FIND Condo & Scented Con Games in Roblox in May!

Want to play some condo and scented condo games? But you are still struggling for how to find these games? Don’t worry! In today’s post I am going to tell you some secret methods to find some new Condo and scented Con games.

There are some things that you need to know about these games. Or you can say there are some precautionary measures that you need to know before entering into these games.

First of all, these games are not supported by the Roblox policy and rules. Therefore, each time someone uploads condo or scented con games or any game related to these games, they are deleted by the Roblox after 30 minutes and sometimes after two hours. Time varies as Roblox authorities inspect the game content and make a decision to delete.

Secondly, whoever play these games, their profiles got banned and restricted to play any type of game on the Roblox. So always play these games with your fake profile so that even of you profile is banned, so that your progress shouldn’t be lost. Later on, play other games with your original profiles. In this way your progress is not lost.

So, these were few of the things that you should keep in mind before attempting to play these games. Similarly, first of all, you shouldn’t play these games, but even if you are very much eager and happy to play these games, then here are some of the secret methods that you can try and enjoy these games. So, let’s go and find them. 

First of all, as you know, Roblox allows to make some groups on the platforms to add people and friends. There are certain groups made by people, where they share links to condo and scented con games. So yeah! You have to join these groups to find some of the games and play them immediately before they are deleted. But still here, these groups are in the Roblox platform and under the surveillance of the Roblox team, so if is most likely that, activities of the groups are seen and soon these groups and their members might be banned. So yeah! this is somewhat unsafe method. So, we have to find some safe and secure method to play these games with regular updates.

Here is another method and is the best one because you can play unlimited games regularly with this method. This is by joining some private servers known as discords. Discords provide you the best place to share some useful and related updates with all of the members of discord. If you join them, you will be seeing some latest updates of the games. Just click on the link and play the game before it is deleted from here. But there is a big question of HOW TO FIND THESE DISCORDS? You can find these discords by various methods. Let me tell you one by one.
– First of all, there are certain YouTubers who have their own discords and they give links in certain videos. You can follow these channels and get the links to these discords.
– Second method is the easiest and the best method to find these discords. For example, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. These are the platforms where you can find these discords easily by following some hashtags.
– The third method is by visiting some websites where all the links are provided at the same place. These websites can also be found by social media platforms and once visiting, you will find many links to join these types of discords.

So, these were the few methods and by which you can find these discords and play condo or scented con games. There is another thing that you might not know. You can play certain games that are similar to these games but exactly not these games. Obviously, if you will type Condo games, or scented con games or con games, in the search bar of the Roblox, then you will not find any of the game. But there are certain games like Club games specially Club Iris game, some vibe games and a game called Meap city. These are some low versions of these games with low graphics and sounds. But still these games are somewhat like condo games and you can play them without any fear of getting banned from Roblox platform. That’s all from my side. Hope you have liked these methods and like them. Tell us in the comments section about these methods!

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