How to FIND Condo & Scented Con Games in Roblox! (May 2021)

Playing Con and scented con games in Roblox is not easy at all. But still if you are very interested and highly dedicated to play these games, then I will tell you certain methods for that.

If you are really obsessed or determined to play Con and Scented con games on Roblox then there are various methods for that. But there are some things that you need to know before you start playing these games. Roblox policy and rules are very strict in regards to playing these games. Roblox doesn’t allow these games at the platform as it is for kids. So as soon as someone dares to upload some con games, then they are deleted in 30 minutes or one to hours. So only those players can play these games if they find the game really quick and play until it is deleted. Secondly. Whoever plays these games their profiles get banned to play any game again from Roblox. So, if you are planning to play these games for real, then don’t play from your original id. Play it from your alt or fake account so that your progress is not lost is the original account.

The first method is by joining the groups on Roblox platform itself. Guys Roblox allows players to make groups and chat with each other related to games and enjoy the time. But there are certain groups on the platform which you can join and people upload the links to these games. But the problem is Roblox detect these typeset groups with time and deletes them ASAP. Therefore, no doubt this method is also worth trying but you will be banned at the end of the day. Or the group will be deleted. So, we have to look at some better way. 

Here is another method or you can say if you are okay to play some low version of these games and without having a fear of getting banned then you can play certain games already uploaded by Roblox for the players. These are certain games like one of them is Club games. Simply go to Roblox and write club games in the search bar. You will find many games. I would recommend the Club Iris game as it is almost similar to these con games. Same lights and all that but not all the features of these original games are found here. Similarly, there are vibe games with the same purple lights and other cool environments but graphics are not that much appealing. There is another game called Meap city where is are clubs and similar type of things to play. So yeah, if you are okay with them, you can play them as Roblox allows you!

The last method is the best and the most used method to play these types of games. Its by joining certain discords. What are discords? Discords are certain groups like private servers where people like you join and share things for you. Admins in discords post links of these games regularly and you just have to click them and enter the game. Isn’t it easy? Tell us in the comments. But there is a big question! How to find these discords? What is the easiest method to find these discords in the first place? Let me tell you there are popular three methods for finding them. You can follow any of these and enter them quickly. One of them is from Youtube. Guys! There are certain YouTubers who have their own discords for this purpose. They share the links with you. You have to follow them and see which of them have already posted the links of their discords and which of them are going to tell you in the next video. The next method to find these discords is through social media platforms. The master of social media is Twitter, just go there and follow some hashtags related to Roblox discords, con games, scented con games, or whatever and you will surely find some of them. Similarly, Reddit and Instagram also provide some of these links and you can find them. The main thing is that you have to remain active on your social media platforms.  The third one is through websites, You can see regular updates on some websites and just be updated to join these discords.

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