How to Find Condos & Scented Con Games in Roblox that WORK!

We like to bring quality yet entertaining Roblox videos your way, and this time, we are going to tell you how you can find Condos and Scented Con Games in Roblox that Actually Work.

You probably already know what Con Games in Roblox are. For those few of you who don’t, Con Games are essentially those games on Roblox which fall under Not Safe for Work category. These short life games are really hard to find as they do not fall into the terms and conditions of Roblox. Roblox is meant to be a children’s game, and who would want such games on their platform either way? But, this doesn’t mean that such games do not exist.

The only appropriate way to find these not so appropriate games is by finding links. You will not be able to find the games easily by just searching for it, since the Roblox team works tirelessly to get rid of such games. So, the only alternative to find the game is by using its link. Now, it is not as easy as it may seem. Finding a link is also a task in itself, and you will need some external help do so.

You can try to find the Condos and Scented Con games in Roblox community section. You can do that within the Roblox app. You might be aware of Roblox Groups feature, right? Using this, you can create a group, or be a part of any other group in Roblox. There are dedicated groups in Roblox that deliver links to Con games. So by being a member of such groups, you can easily access the game. Let me again tell you, these games get banned by the Roblox team really fast, so the fun won’t last really long.  

The next method to find the link is through Discord. Discord is certainly gaming heaven, with dedicated servers to almost everything in the world; you can also use Discord to find a good link for the NSFW games in Roblox. Moreover, with Discord, you are a part of the community as well, so you can keep up with updates regarding timings of the launch of new con games etc. So, most enthusiasts make use of Discord to get the Con Games.

So this is about the methods to find con games. These are the most reliable methods by which you can find condos and scented con games in Roblox, and we assure you that they will work. They won’t last really long, since Roblox bans them quite fast. But, you should also be aware if you want to play these games.

Did you know that con games can also be a method to get your account banned? Since the games are illegal in Roblox, being a part of promoting and playing the game is also an offense. This can lead Roblox to permanently ban your account! So, before stepping into a good game of Con, make sure that you are using your alternate account, and you are good to enjoy the show.

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