How to Find Roblox Scented Con Games That Still Work (July 2021)

Scented Con games are one of the most popular genres of roblox  games. But  there’s a huge problem finding these games.

We need to first understand what scented  condos actually are and why you should be warned beforehand.

Basically what scented cons actually are is that they are games that are a bit on the adult side and Roblox is always on the lookout to ban such games. Why you may ask. Well Roblox is one of the biggest games with over 150 million active players each month. The games are mostly meant for kids. And kids below the age of 13 form around 5-10% of the total Roblox demographic. The rest are mostly teens and adults. Now Roblox has received a lot of backlash in the past from parents of young kids and the society at large that some games are creating a bad influence on children and young teens and even putting their life in danger. So since 2020, Roblox is on the lookout for such games on it’s platform and immediately bans them. A popular game that was recently banned was ‘showsr Simulator’. The game apparently involved players participating in public baths with some players having avatars that were completely naked. Now if that sounds gross to you , there are a few other games sugar-coated as ‘ scented condos’ and if you played such games it’s possible that you might be creeped out 

And hence, here’s a warning for you, if you are below 13 make sure you don’t participate in searching for or playing scented con games. Let us now proceed and take a look at how you can find scented con games.

Roblox search

You can look for scented con games or games similar to scented condos on Roblox itself. In the Roblox search field use specific keywords like vibe games or dance club games to look for condo games.  These games are not exactly condos but give you a feel of Scented condo games. This is by far the safest method to look for scented con games. These games aren’t banned nor are they risky to play. You can thoroughly enjoy your gaming experience and stay safe by looking for such games.

Roblox groups

This is also a  great place to start looking for scented condo games on ROBLOX itself. Roblox groups have a lot of like-minded players looking for and discussing various games. Now some players tend to send links to various Roblox scented con games. You can check these links and play these games. However, make sure you click on the links as soon as they’re dropped because Roblox admins are constantly on the lookout for suspicious links and so Roblox will immediately ban the games if they go against the Roblox terms of service.

Anonymous users

Now, many anonymous users on your contacts list might send you links to scented con games. You must, however, be careful before blindly clicking on the link. Interrogate the person who sends you the link. If they ask you for Robux in exchange for links they’re definitely scamming you. If your friends or someone known sends you links to scented condos you can either say yes or no. You can create your own group and jointly look for scented condos.


Finally, discord is the best place to find scented con games. There are groups  on discord sharing  links to join and play con games. some amazing discord that you should definitely go join include-

.Roblox Sex

Roblox Condo service

Katsu カツ


Roblox underground


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