How to get millions of Robux in NO Time!

Want to get rich in Roblox? But don’t know how? Then you are at right place. It’s everyone’s dream of getting cool clothes and items or maybe you just want to buy an amazing game pass. Well in several videos people simply tell you to go and buy premium or buy Robux but the main issue is that most players of Roblox are kids under 15 and unfortunately their parents don’t buy Robux for them so that’s why I made this post!


The first method of earning Robux is quite simple if you’re good at math then trust me this method is for you. Move forward and learn how to script Roblox uses a language known as lua which is pretty much easy to learn. And if you are not familiar with it then there is no need to worry because you can watch some online tutorials. Well, all the top games you see on Roblox depend on scripting with their lives. And you know that a game cannot exist without somebody actually writing a code for it and that’s why it’s an amazing way to earn Robux. Lemme tell you something very interesting that people will literally pay you thousands to turn their game from a bunch of blocks and parts into something fun and that’s where you can earn and it’s the same as for building find clients on discord servers make a portfolio and advertise if you do this you will become rich in no time.


Let’s talk about those who play Roblox on PC if you remember when you installed Roblox for the first time you got both the Roblox player and the Roblox studio right? So, guys heading towards the very first method of becoming rich in Roblox is opening Roblox studio and actually learning how to build? It is pretty obvious that all games need a builder and the best thing is it’s not that much difficult. More interestingly it is quite easy to learn Roblox studio. Moreover, there are so many tutorials online that you shouldn’t worry about getting stuck anywhere. Now next up you must be thinking that once I am done with building then how can I earn Robux? Well after that open commissions for building. Join different deaf discords where you can later post your commission sheet as well build a good portfolio advertise yourself and you should have your first clients in no time isn’t it amazing? Now just charge them Robux and build for them.


This third method is the most effective one and it actually works. Many people shared their experience like they earned over 50 000 Robux so that is why I included this method in this post. This method is called Gfx. Gfx is basically 3d artworks and a lot of people need them. Well, you may have seen all those top games with those nice and captivating thumbnails right? That is exactly what a Gfx is. Well, it is pretty obvious that nobody will click on an empty icon with an empty thumbnail. So that’s why they are willing to empty their pockets out just so they can get a clean and clear-looking ad icon thumbnail. Or whatever you name it. For doing this you need photoshop or an alternative to it like, also you need cinema 4d or blender. Many successful Gfx artists who used other apps and just like with other methods there are many ways to learn about making 3d artwork on YouTube and just like with the other two methods you go ahead and create a portfolio and start looking for clients.


Next method that we have is clothing designing that sounds quite interesting isn’t it? By using this method, you can become a clothing designer for big fashion groups and by making new clothes you can earn a lot, well you can use apps like or photoshop but a lot of professional creators use other more complex apps that’s something you have to look for. After doing your work you need to compile your best works make a commission sheet and go get rich

Well, youtubers don’t really earn Robux what they do is they earn money from YouTube itself and then spend it on Roblox.

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