How to join the Inquisitormaster squad

Alex is looking to add more members into her squad soon which means that you guys (her fans) might have a chance to join Inquisitormaster the Squad soon. Today, I’ll be going over all the things you need in order to get accepted and taken in as a part of the Squad!

1st requirement: You need a great personality

The first thing you will need in order to get accepted is a great personality. Let’s take a look at the 2nd newest member of the Squad: Luca. He seems to be very innocent and caring, similar to Light or Charli. He is very kind to his fellow Squad members, such as calling Sora smart or being the only Squad member that fully respects Charli.

This kind, lovable personality is also shown very often in videos. It is also worth noting that Luca has a somewhat dark side. In the first Squad advertisement of the video, Luca accidentally called himself Satan’s Son. But he just does that for the videos to make them more entertaining to watch. This pretty much sums up his personality as he has a very balanced one. Both Light and Dark are present in him and he matches the energy of the other members of the Squad. That is why he is able to be a member. If you apply this in your daily life, improving your character and personality, I think you might be able to join the Squad if you have the opportunity and fit in well.

2nd requirement: You need a good voice

The second thing you will need is a likeable and decent voice. Now, you guys will have to learn from Charli’s old voice actor. What we mean by this is that Charli’s voice actor changed. Charli first appeared in a Thumbnail of one of Inquisitormaster’s videos. Charli has peach skin, with medium Length orange hair that has salmon-ish highlights. After a few videos, Charli’s old voice actor unfortunately got replaced by a new voice actor which was quite interesting to see.

This might be a business move by Inquisitormaster since the original Charli was known to be very shy, sweet, and not very talkative throughout the videos. However, after she got her new voice actress, she started talking a lot more which is why her old voice actor got replaced. I would recommend you guys to start improving the way you talk. Try to stutter less often and make your voice likeable and less stiff. Even if you don’t have a good voice, you can still improve it by increasing your vocabulary, you can also learn more references and there are tutorials on YouTube that can help you sound more kind and appealing.

This will definitely help to get you into the Squad as Inquisitormaster might be looking for a member that has a likeable and good voice.

3rd requirement: You need to be enthusiastic & funny

The third trait is a good amount of enthusiasm. A member of the Squad that really provides a good example of having a great amount of enthusiasm is Zach.

Zach is one of the seven main characters of the squad and one of the four main characters to not appear in every Squad episode. People love his reactions in videos and some even burst out laughing just because of Zach since he makes the videos engaging and entertaining. He is very talkative and keeps the video going which is a really good thing to have for a YouTube video.

Zach really likes to hype things up. He does sometimes go nuclear but he stays enthusiastic and hyped up at all times which makes the videos really fun to watch. The Squad needs members like him and if you guys acquire this trait, I personally think that you will be able to join the Squad with a bit of luck. You also need a lot of energy for each video because you guys can’t even imagine how much energy the Squad puts into videos since a lot is needed.

So if you manage to be enthusiastic, funny, and full of energy in videos you probably have a good chance of joining Inquisitormaster the Squad.

But how will Inquisitormaster notice you?

Now, you guys might be thinking, if i have all of this, how am i going to get the Squad to notice and add me to the group? Well, it’s actually quite simple and it is through social media.

For all the new fans, Alex used to have a Twitter account, which goes by the name “Alex comedy”, but since then she retired from using Twitter. Besides that, Alex still has Instagram and other social media accounts. Therefore you can contact her from there to ask if you could join the Squad!

The best method by far though is to do it through Discord! Discord is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers, but which has since become a general platform for all sorts of communities. Discord is divided into servers, each of which has its own members, topics, rules, and channels. Discord also allows users to voice and video chat, as well as stream gameplay and other programs from their computers.

Inquisitormaster might have her own special server that you guys can probably find on the internet if you do some digging. If you are able to find her account name, you can definitely try to ask if you could apply to be a member. I think that you will have to sign up in some sort of form and it would just be the most insane thing if this method actually works!

How to become a popular Roblox YouTuber before joining the Squad

Another way of getting into the group is to be a popular Roblox YouTuber yourself. In order to be popular on YouTube, you need to produce high-quality content. This is always the number one priority when it comes to making Roblox YouTube videos. You will always have to keep the audience engaged and you will have to make the video as entertaining as possible.

YouTubers like Flamingo produce content on a high-end computer, but you can even produce content on your phone as long as it is enjoyable. In addition, you need to promote your content. This is always the first step in growing a fanbase because you always need an audience.

In order to promote your channel, you can go to social media sites like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, or even just tell your friends about your channel. This is the easiest method and you guys should definitely use it to your advantage.

A member that actually got into the Squad from being a popular YouTuber is Zach. Back in the day, ZacharyZaxor was a YouTuber with over 1.7M subscribers. He is well known for his horror game videos. His group on Roblox named Zacks Squad has over 195K members. This is how he was noticed by Alex and that’s how he got into the Squad. This might be a pretty long method and it sounds crazy but you will be surprised if it ends up working so go and give it a shot.

Conclusion: How to join Inquisitormaster the Squad

I just shared a lot of info in the article which will help you guys increase the chances of being notices by Inquisitormaster and potentially joining the Squad. It probably won’t happen over night, but if you keep on trying you could get in sooner or later. Good luck!


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