I’m shocked!” Zach REACTS to Alex’s SECRET Boyfriend

There are many developments that are occurring in Inquisitormaster’s squad. Whether it’s the addition of new members or absence of the old members. Or if we talk about new members also leaving the squad, it would not be wrong. But what happened now is that, after a long-term relationship of Alex and Zach, Zach has just discovered a big and unexpected thing about Alex. And guess what? It’s the secret relationship of Alex with some you know for a long time. Someone who was also the part of the squad guys! I think you got my point but wait!

Before I tell you, who is the secret boyfriend of Alex, I wanna tell you Alex’s past boyfriend. If you don’t know about her previous boyfriend, then he is Mr. Jaws, who in another country, and they had just long-distance relationship with each other. They used to play, Roblox together and if are a true fan of Inquisitormaster, then you must know that, he helped Alex in playing black role in the games. Moreover, Alex also talked about why they broke up. Guys they broke up because first of all they lived in different countries and it was difficult to maintain that long distance relationship. Secondly, their goals and aims in life were totally different and belonged to the country they were living in that time. What happened was that, Mr. Jaws came recently in America he had a secret meeting with Alex. They might have a casual meeting for any normal talk or just like that because they are still friends. But when Zach came to know about this, he was full with rage and anger and he fought with Mr. Jaws. They exchanged some punches and all that. 

Guys the reason for telling all this story is because, now Zach came to know about a new secret boyfriend of Alex. And when you will know who he is then you will be shocked too just like Alex. Alex isn’t like that usually and her personality is not like that. She can never cheat Zach and we all know that. I think has some misunderstanding that ALEX IS SECRETLY DATING DRAKE! Yes, you heard it right. Since Drake has left the squad without any notice, he is creating many misunderstanding in the rest of the squad. Many theories originated on his absence and people say that he is missing for this reason or that reason and believe me I thin many of the m are fake and wrong. And this theory that he is dating Alex secretly came out of nowhere caused a panic. Guys, Drake has left the squad most probably due to his studies and he is just focusing on it. Being in the squad made it very hectic for him to continue activities of the squad. So, he took a short break and most probably he will come back whenever he will feel like to…. Also, it is said that he was bored of playing same Roblox games again and again. And he was also somewhat lazy to to be active in all of the squad’s activities. That’s why he took a short break for rest and to focus on more important matters of his life. As he is brother of Zach, Zach might have been pranked or fooled by someone that he is really shocked on this news.

Actually guys, Zach is very much possessive about Alex and he cannot share her with anyone and Alex also loves him a lot. And might be they will get married soon. This confusion will be gone because it’s a lie! How can Drake secretly date Alex when he is in love with Jade already! Yeah! Jade and Drake are in relationship, and if this was true Jade wouldn’t be in the squad chilling with Alex. Right? What are your views on it? Tell us in the comments! Also, Zach is just shocked on the news, that the secret boyfriend of Alex is Drake. But with time all of the confusions will go away. Drake will be here after his studies and other matters and we will enjoy the squad’s video again.


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