7 Reasons why Inquisitormaster and ZacharyZaxor will break up!

Now just in case you don’t know much about this situation, Inquisitormasters relationship with Zach recently went to another level. Instead of being just friends, they started dating which is what many viewers find interesting.

The YouTuber known as Inquisitor Master has over 7 million subscribers and is known for her comedic gameplay commentaries. Her real name is Alex Teran. She began dating her boyfriend Zachary Todd in 2017. They run a channel called Zalex together. While, on the surface, this may seem like a perfect relationship, there are some things that might lead them to break up down the line. Let’s get into it!

Reason 7: Inquisitormaster’s previous boyfriend

The 7th reason is that Alex aka Inquisitormaster actually had a boyfriend before Zach. His name is Mr. Jaws, he is not well known in the Roblox community but he is well known in Inquisitormasters community. Mr. Jaws used to play many games with her but he wasn’t in a lot of videos since he keeps a really low profile. But the most interesting thing is that he actually was together with Inquisitormaster back when she only had 7000 subscribers! Will Alex and Zach break up like she did with Mr. Jaws? This is a question that only she can answer but I’m hoping that it won’t come to that.

Reason 6: Alex hinting that she will break up with Zach

The 6th reason is that Alex has brought up the topic of breaking up with Zach in Roblox roleplay before. What if that actually happened in real life? This may sound ridiculous but what if it did actually happen?

There is a high chance that Inquisitor Master may be trying to hide something from the viewers or from Zach and that may be the fact that she wants to find another partner. Roleplays are just an act but those acts actually come from what we are thinking and that could possibly be a sign that Inquisitor Master is ready or willing to break up. If this does happen it would be very sad to see for all of her fans. Many people would be in complete shock.

Reason 5: Differences in their relationship

The 5th reason is that they may want different things from the relationship and break up because of that. For example, if we take a look at PopularMMOs aka Pat who is dating GamingWithJen: they broke up because their relationship wouldn’t develop, and they are also Roblox YouTubers.

Pat mentioned that Jen wants to have kids and he doesn’t want to, which is a huge problem for any relationship. This might happen with Alex and Zach and their relationship might go downhill even though they have been together for so long. Breakups often happen because of people’s mentality. What they think on a daily basis, manifests into reality. If they think they can do better, they will act that way. And If they think they have to adjust and improve their relationship, they will do just that. I don’t really know what to say about Alex’s feelings or even Zach’s but a breakup would definitely be really sad for everyone involved.

Reason 4: Inquisitormaster issues with Roblox

The 4th reason is that Inquisitormaster has had some issues with Roblox itself. She has broken rules related to online dating in Roblox multiple times. InquisitorMaster has received a lot of backlash in the past for having most of her role plays centered around online dating even though it is against Roblox’s rules.

Many YouTubers have made rants about her, although these videos have been deleted for bullying and harassment. Roblox itself has been under fire for placing InquisitorMaster in its group of talented creators, even though she creates content that is against Roblox’s rules. Even Zach told her to stop but she didn’t listen, I do hope that this situation does not end their relationship or any of their careers!

Reason 3: Their age difference

Usually the man is the older one in a relationship. At least that is what most people prefer. With Alex and Zach it is the other way around. Alex is 26 years old and Zach is only 22. Most of the time when a girl is dating a guy who is younger than her she will most likely doubt that their relationship is going to go far. But It seems like Alex and Zach are both comfortable in the current situation and that they will have no problems with the age difference. But it could always be an issue in the future.

Reason 2: The relationship becomes less exciting

Once you are together with someone for 4-7 years the relationship often starts to suffer. It is around that time that people begin to look at a relationship and compare it to the first few years of the relationship. The passion has simmered down, faded, and may be nonexistent. Real-life has taken its toll on the relationship in the form of work, unemployment, family emergencies, or health problems. By that time, couples have begun to put less effort into the relationship as a whole – not because they don’t care, but because they’re comfortable.

Inquisitormaster and Zach will have to go through this spot soon because they have only been dating for 3 years, and the fourth year will probably be rough for them. Fingers crossed though!

Reason 1: They are having doubts

The 1st and final reason is that they start questioning their passion for the relationship which is a really bad thing to do. By questioning if the passion in the relationship is gone you are also questioning the relationship itself. It’s inevitable. Every couple will go through this in the later years of the relationship. Even Alex and Zach will go through this if there are no changes in their lives. At this point, an internal struggle begins to appear. Once these questions start running through their head, they head into a dangerous area where they may do a few different things: take up new hobbies, cheat, or go out partying to recapture their “youth”.

Therefore, even if Alex and Zach have been partners for a very long time, there is still a chance that they will break up. Nothing will ever be perfect all the time in a relationship, but in this situation, they are still doing good so far. Let’s just hope this breakup never happens.

Conclusion: Will Inquisitormaster and ZacharyZaxor break up?

I think it is definitely likely that Alex and Zach will run into issues with their relationship sooner or later. The question is whether they will push through it or quit. I hope they will stay together forever, but you never know!


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