Roblox Condo Games That You Have To Pay For!!

  • Survive the killers

A high level of violence is involved in this game. The kids have guns and unique weapons to kill their fellow participants. The animations in this game are terrific, and it is not suited for kids below 13. There is a serial killer searching for the kids in an area or a room and shoots or stabs them mercilessly in this game.

  •  Dance Club

Dancing is fun for all ages. Dance clubs are usually meant for adults. Since the atmosphere typically includes racy dancing and all beverages. In the Dance club, the players perform their dancing skills with nasty moves. The participants make sexy moves, and many romantic scenes occur amidst the kids. Dance Club is known for having a lot of Online Daters/Predators. Nearly every game you see people ODing. Of course, I won’t go into detail. There is also no aim at all in the game. This Roblox game has a lot of steamy content, which is not suitable for children aged under 16-year. One of the key elements of dance clubs is the prospect of hooking up with the other Club goers which I think should not be present in a game intended for children. So, this is why the game Dance Club is also considered as the worst game ever on Roblox!! Ok, now moving on to the next game we have.

  • Shower Simulator

Guys, we all know that Roblox is intended for children. Players over the age of 13 are rampant in a Roblox community. But, the general environment is meant for innocent young minds! That simply means that there should not be any bad language, no online dating and absolutely no risky roleplaying. The keyword here is should as some players refuse to follow the roblox Terms of Services appropriately. While there are plenty of games for kids to play that are g-rated. But not all the games in roblox lead to G-rated gameplays. The shower simulator is one game. Given the nature of bathing there’s really no way for this game to stay G-rated. In shower simulators players can explore what is essentially a spa. There is a locker room as well as a variety of bathtubs and showers where players can take showers. One thing to keep in mind is that most players end up showering together and half the time they’re running together around in skimpy clothes! 

  •  Obby Games

Guys, unlike other mentioned 18+ Roblox games, Obby Games has numerous interlinked pages, where children are supposed to complete tasks and move from one place to another. Notably, each page has a unique task and kids must complete them to proceed in the game. After completing a certain level in Obby Games, players are shown some horror toys on each page. To complete these tasks, kids will have to witness a lot of monsters and horror toys, which could frighten children. Yes!! There is a series of interlinked pages where the kids move from one place to another after completing the tasks on each page. Here each page has unique challenges, and the participant should win the task to move further. There are tough tasks waiting ahead on each page displaying evil toys in the animations. When the kids wander about completing the challenges, monsters and horror-related toys stand in their way, frightening the kids.

  •    Dance Off!

Well. Yes!! This is actually the best trolling game ever because you can Rick roll people there, However the community is mostly made up of Non-Speaking people who do not even say a Single Freaking Thing. And also lots of them do not speak English but Spain. 

  •  Shedletsky’s dirty Place

In this house, Shedletsky tries to play dirty games with the children who connect with the server. This game targets the kids below 13, and all sorts of adult activities take place. The children get bad nightmares once they step into this house for a play. They might not understand what is going on in that house, but later on, it brings a great impact.

  • Boys And Girls Parkour

This game might seem to be normal for some people but it isn’t because of the content it actually has. However, it looks like you just love these games the most which tend to show such content. Boys and girls parkour is a Roblox condo game that is developed by Venom studio and has had more than 12 million visits since it was created which advocated for its popularity. The game is simple yet vague in its nature as well. It is a game which especially mentioned boys and girls. It looks like the developer especially wants to target the younger audience and apologize to the older ones.

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