Secret Condo Games You Never Knew Existed

Boys and Girls Dance Club

We start off with the boys and girls dance club. Most of the players might have played this condo game since the game has a huge fan base. People think it’s just a game that has dance, meetups, and other stuff. Although it also has some other things to do as it’s a condo game. it’s up to you what you do in the club. You can have fun dancing with girls or taking them to a private place in the club itself. In the end, it’s your choice, do whatever you feel like doing. As it is a scented condo game there are no limitations other than just getting banned. 

Survive the killer

As by the name, the game clearly suggests that the game is about a killer and where the user has to hold his ground. The game involves high levels of violence which could bring severe consequences to the young mind of a child. Players are equipped with guns and weapons that can shoot around on the enemies and can claim their reward. Such a game has a negative impact but Roblox is still not able to identify and ban it. The animations in the game are horrific and not suitable for kids who are under 13 years of age. The game shows blood and promotes violence and usually targets underage kids. The user lands in a room where he is confronted by a serial killer who shoots him or tries to stab him in the back mercilessly. The game is created by slice entertainment and since it came on the platform it has seen nearly 285 thousand visits

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