Secret Condo Games You Never Knew Existed

Cash out money

The game is developed by dark_9xe. Even though it has not received many visits since its creation, it is due to roblox originally removing it from its servers  due to its violations of the community guidelines. Count yourself lucky if you ever got your  hands on this game. The player finds himself inside a  house where he meets other uses. The main objective of the game is to indulge in  unethical activities or activities that are not appropriate. The more unethical you are the more you increase your value on the leaderboard. As the player moves up levels he is required to move to other locations in the house. After moving around the rooms, he is required to move to the pool where he  is confronted by a bunch of other players. On this level the player is required to initiate inappropriate talks with them and make the best out of their time. This is the best kind of gwme out there but it is surely not suitable for kids.

Now a warning for you guys. If you happen  to be less than 13 we recommend you not plau condo games since you could get into a.lot of trouble 

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