This is what Levi looks like in real life…

Are you also curious to know how the Inquisitormaster’s squad members look like in real life? Some of them have already shown their faces and make videos together on Tiktok and Youtube, but some of them are still a mystery who never disclosed their ages or pictures or anything. And fans badly want to see them. Today’s post is gonna be interesting because we will tell you How Levi looks like in real life.

 If you are Inquisitormaster’s true fan, then you must be following the squad from the start and you also know that, from 4 members, now there are total 10 members in the squad. We only know the real face of 4 people that is Alex, Zach, Drake and Jade which are in the squad from the day one. Like we can just listen to their voices and judge how do they look like in real life. Our today’s face reveal or you can say a guess is about Levi. Guys, Levi is one of the newest members who has joined the squad in the video “Among Us NEW INVISIBLE POTION MOD!  on January 26th 2021. Its almost after a year of the formation of the squad. Guys, each member is added in a special way in the squad and it’s so much fun. I will tell you how Levi looks like in real life on the basis of the following observations. Let’s go!

The way each of the member is added in the squad is so unique and entertaining. Like when Light and Jaxx joined, it was so much fun in the mansion. Also, with Charli and Luca. In the video, when he joined, he said, I am Levi, my dad left me. And everyone laughed. Like he was really cool and swaggy guy from the start. And after few time, they started playing together. His entry in the squad with so much confidence depicts that he must also be very cool guy in real life.

Talking about his theme color. He loves black. Is hairs and jacket being black, with whiter shirt and also white bandages on arms. He is just like a hero. Also, his eyes are black. He doesn’t like bright colors and likes to be in black all the time. So, if we talk about him in real life. He must be above 30 for him to be that much confident in life. Also, in 20’s people mostly like bright colors. So, yeah it is confirmed that he is older than other members. Also, if you look at his outfit, the combination of black and white then, it is depiction of Yin Yang symbol, which is the symbol to represent all phenomena of life.

Guys now we will talk about his voice. He has heavy and I must say a hypnotic voice. Due to his voice and talking style, he is fav of fans. Some times he is so much ruthless and talks rudely and anything to anyone. But talking about his voice. His voice also tells that, he is not in 20’s at least. Or in rare cases boys have so much deep voice with a mature pattern to win the hearts. So, he must be above 30 and his voice perfectly matches his personality type to annoy others. What do think of his voice? Tell us in the comment section with which celebrity his voice matches.

Now talking about his behavior, them I must tell you guys, he is sometimes really very rude and doesn’t take care of the next person’s heart. For example, he once said Luca a girl. He is the first person in the squad who made joke of Luca’s voice and calling him a girl in flamethrower mod. People even said that, he is one of the members from the Inquisitormaster’s hate club. Because his attitude goes in the way that he hates all of these members. But sometimes, he is also a kind person and help others in times of need.

Talking about his relationship with other members then he is best friends with Luca from the first day. Levi is the first member who caught Alex in among us and played really cool. Their relationship is quite interesting. Similarly, he is friends with almost all of the members of the squad and is a very cool guy.

Now its time to reveal how Levi looks like in real life. Guys! it is just a speculation and a guess according to his theme color, his personality and voice. Don’t you thing he must be somewhat like Johnny Depp in real life? Although he is aged, but I am just talking about the appearance and overall look of Levi. He must be as cool as him and his talking style and voice is also deep like him. So, I made a wild guess and suggests that, he is just like Johnny Depp.


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