#2: Discord Server Method

If you use discord on a regular basis, this method should be very easy to follow. This method is another great way to find condo games. However, this method is a little bit risky, as you could get banned from using it because these condo games are REAL.

To use this method, go to google and search up “Roblox Condo Game Discord Servers” and click enter. You will see a bunch of different results show up. The one you want to click on is from the website Disboard.org, which should be near the top of the results.

Once you are on the Disboard website, you will see a ton of different discord server links. Join whichever one you want. Once you are inside of the discord server, you will see a channel where you will find many REAL condo game links. Simply copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Let’s move on to the next method…

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