Who is Alex’s brother?

Have you ever thought who is Alex’s brother? Is he older than her and does he also run a Youtube channel like her sister? OR Is he also a part of the squad? Hmm! That’s interesting! Guys! There are many stories on who is the real brother of Inquisitormaster because no one has seen his real face or in real life with Alex.

Today, I will tell you some secrets of Inquisitormaster that you don’t know. I will talk some more about her family. Especially her brother and some details about how he looks like! Guys let me tell you Alex has only one brother who is younger than him. She never told people how he looks like. But there are some clues by which we can say that his brother is part of the squad. YES! IF you are shocked then I will tell you who he is and why people say that he is her brother. So, to break this nonsense curiosity, I am gonna reveal the biggest secret in front of you guys! It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s most probable and most genuine information that Light is Alex’s younger brother.

Guys! Light is considered as Inquisitormaster’s brother. There are various reasons for that. If you are a true fan from the start of the squad, you already know that the squad started with just four members and they are not related to the Alex family. But as the squad grew day by day, Alex added Light one day. He appeared first in the video Our Huge Mansion Tour in Bloxburg! When the Light was introduced in the squad, Alex was so much happy and she said! Light Come on In! Like someone says to a cute little brother. And they were making some cute fun of him and Alex was happy. Like it was a real vibe of siblings if you see that video again. It was posted on February 28th 2020.

If you see a TikTok video on Alex’s account then they have made a video of the squad in which they played Among Us in real life just for fun. You can see Light here and people say that, the young guy in the purple suit is Light. Why because, his avatar in Roblox also have purple dress. Also, he is short among other guys! Inquisitormaster is also short. So, both of them are siblings for sure. And no one can deny it. So, yeah! this was another proof that Light is her brother.

Guys if you notice, Alex loves pink color overall and Light loves purple. That’s a good match of siblings. They have some common likings. So not only their height but their color interest and clothing interest is also same.

Guys in some videos, Alex and Light fight like siblings and you can never say that they don’t know each other in real life. He is not as much smart as Alex. It is most common observation that if one sibling is smart the other one is dumb. Both of the makes a perfect combination of siblings.

If we talk about his personality then he is too much innocent. When he first came in the squad, then Zach was saying that, we don’t know if he is human or not. We met him yesterday in the grocery store. So, it means that, they met him because they already knew him. So most probably, they are purposely not revealing his face but we can imagine how he looks like and he must be the copy of Alex’s guys! Don’t you also think so? If yes then tell us in the comments! Might be Alex just don’t want that his personal life is affected by revealing his face or what but In the titok’s video fans could only see his hands out of the costume! And he seems to be as cute as Alex is! Or may be more than her.

So guys! Its more probable that, Alex will one day surprise her fans and will reveal Lights face to the fans when he is ready. She might nit want people to see him because he will also become famous and his routine life will be disturbed. That’s why she is waiting for the perfect time for revealing Light’s Face. We are badly waiting for the light to say one day that he is brother of Alex and then they do a real sibling fight with each other. That will be the more surprising day than the day when Alex and Zach will marry.


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