Why Inquisitormaster Squad is fake? Why there aren’t any face reveals?

Today’s topic for discussion is Inquisitormaster and the squad, that’s right. So, recently Inquisitormaster and the squad are in the news for all the wrong reasons. With members absent and some members leaving, the infighting and rumors about the squad breaking up have all fortunately turned out to be untrue.

Let’s now take an in-depth look at InquisitorMastor and the squad.


Inquisitormaster is a channel run by Alex Teran. She was born on May 1, 1994 in the United States. She was given the nickname “Einstein” in high school for being smart.

She posts roleplays, challenges, and other types of content on the well-known game. She calls her fanbase Sharkies. She often films videos with “The Squad” which is formed by Alex, Jade, Drake, Light, Zach, Charli, Sora, Jaxx, Luca, and Levi. She has also raised money for causes like St. Jude. She began her career on YouTube by playing other games, but since then she predominantly plays Roblox. Inquisitormaster currently has over 8 million subscribers with over 1k videos and nearly 4 billion views.

As you can see inquisitormaster is a popular youtuber with billions of views. You probably know a few squad members from their character in game to the way they look in real life. The main squad members-Alex,Zach and Drake are well known. But how much do you know about the rest of the squad? Have you seen Jade,Charli,Sora, Jaxx, Light, Luca and Levi in real life? Do you know how they behave outside the Roblox game? There’s very little information available about the rest of the squad. 

Inquisitormaster channel seems to revolve around the 3 main characters. In fact Alex has a separate channel called Alex where she regularly posts about herself and Zach living their private lives. Drake can also often be seen in the videos. For example  in the video, ‘My 12 days of Christmas” Zach and Drake can be seen fishing together. However, Alex doesn’t share anything about the other squad members. Why is she so  partial? Why doesn’t she share more about the rest of the squad- Jade, light, Charli, Sora, jaxx,Luca and Levi? Now we know some things about a few squad members like Charli. We know  her personality.  For instance, how she is devoted towards Light even if it’s a one-sided love affair. This causes Light to be quite creeped out. Most people like to consider her a ‘yandere’ from looking at the dynamic. Charli and Light seem to rely on each other for most situations in videos. Light gets very disappointed when Charli gets caught doing something idiotic and when she is framed. They apparently have the closest friendship in The Squad and seem to understand each other very well. In a video where they can make anyone simp for them, Charli forces Light to simp for her in Among Us. Charli seems to have been more affectionate towards Luca, leading fans to speculate if Light is jealous.

We also know a little about the  personalities of other Squad members . Some are funny for example Sora, while some are serious about what they’re doing, for example Luca and Levi

But we’ve never seen the other squad personally. We know nothing about their likes and dislikes outside of Roblox.  Maybe it seems Alex doesn’t care about the rest of her squad. These members are just as fillers and aren’t required much. 

Now, guys this is just our opinions and based on what we watch in the videos. Many of you may feel the same.  It is important that Alex has regular Q n a sessions on her channel where every squad member participates and  answers questions from the fans.  It’s been years since the last q n a was held. Also regular updates and polls on the community page of the channel would be interesting and helpful to fans to learn about the Inquisitormaster squad.

All these factors come into play to determine the popularity of a youtube channel. It is thus, no doubt as to why Alex is losing viewers and the squad members aren’t pleased. Some things definitely need to change on the channel


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