Why Zach has an IQ of a 7 Years old

Zach has an IQ of a seven-year-old! Yeah, you heard it right. Don’t laugh because the facts that I will tell you today in this post will compel you to believe that, YES Zach is really dumb and has an IQ of a seven-year-old.

Are you also a big fan of Inquisitormaster and specially ZacharyZaxor? They are both very cute couple and entertain sharkies a lot. But you know, Zach is a really dumb guy! But why? There are some things that you need to know. Although he looks super cool and smart but in reality, has just an IQ of a seven-year-old kid. 

Guys Zach and Alex are in a relationship with each other from the start of the squad and seem very happy and cute. They make videos together on Alex alt channel and those videos are not less than a dream for any couple. They travel to different places and upload cute Vlogs. Zach is a really funny guy and, in all videos, he is just putting energy and more charm in the stories and gameplay. But in real life he is really dumb. 

As you all know Alex is known as Einstein among her fellows and she is really a very smart and intelligent girl. The way she is running the squad and her merch along with studies and all that, I mean she is really cool. She loves Zach, but sometimes he is really dumb that, even Alex gets annoyed by him. For example, let me tell you what Zach did when he came to know that Alex has a secret meeting with Mr. Jaws, he became furious. Alex has already told that Mr. Jaws and she had broken up and they are just friends. Also, he was living in another country. When he came to America, he arranged a meeting with Alex to meet her in real life. They only met during playing games. So, it isn’t a big deal guys! But when Zach came to know all of this scenario then he went to Mr. Jaws and had a huge fight with him. They even exchanged punches and all that. So, it depicts how dumb Zach is! He should have already known that Alex is just friends with Mar. Jaws and nothing else. But no. He reacted too emotionally like a kid. 

Guys, Zach’s IQ is very low. He often reacts to different Tiktok and puzzles and interesting things on his channel ZacharyZaxor. He often can’t solve the silliest puzzles and its leaves everyone shocked. He is just like a kid who can’t even solve the simple puzzles.

Here is another real story that proves that he is a total dumb. What would you like to give your girlfriend or boyfriend or even your best friend on birthday? Obviously, a surprise party of gift Right? But what Zach did with Alex will leave you shocked. It was Alex’s birthday and when she came to her home back, Zach was already there waiting to giver her surprise. After some time, he told Alex that her youtube channel is deleted and she even got an email from YouTube. He showed her that email. And you know what Alex was shocked. But after sometime, she opened her laptop and her channel was working fine. So, she was very mad at him. All of this happened on her birthday. Can you believe that? It shows that Zach is just dumb and still childish to play these types of acts.

It was another time when Zach and everyone in the squad were playing game. Zach and Alex were in the same team and you know after sometime what happened? He made Alex die in the game and laughed at him. Although she was in his team but he did that. It was fun for him. And after that whenever Alex died in the game, he laughed and made fun of her. This completely sows his IQ level of 7-year-old, because if you have a little sibling in your home, then you can understand this childish behavior.

It was another time in the game when the squad was playing AMONG US. Every one had to vote for the imposter. Alex also voted off Zach that he is imposter. He was saying that he is not. But when Alex voted off him, then he was really very mad and he left the game due to anger. Now what is this behavior? Obviously, children do that after losing in the game. And YES, Zach is somewhat childish and sensitive guys!

There are a lot of other moments where Zach is behaving really stupid and people around him just think even if he grown up or not. Like what the did with Alex on her birthday and with Mr. Jaws depicts that he is still somewhat immature. Share your views with us in the comments.


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