Why Zach Will Never Forgive Alex (So SAD)

Zach will never forgive Alex! Alex cheated on Zach and he is now really very angry. He even stopped making videos with her in the squad. He is never gonna talk to her again or to make videos with Inquisitormaster again. To whom Alex cheated on Zach? Levi or someone else?

 Zach is angry with Alex and has stopped appearing or making videos with her. He was a permanent member of the squad. Although he had his own channel yet, he was with Inquisitormaster and was busy helping her grow her squad. From day one they were in an open relationship and all of the fans were waiting for their marriage. But something happened that led to their break up. And most probably Alex has cheated on Zach. 

If you are new here, then you most probably want to know where it all started. 

Guys, when the Inquisitormaster squad started, there were only four members in it. Alex herself, Zach, Drake, and Jade. Zach and Drake are twin brothers and their presence only is enough to add more charm in videos. Similarly ALex and Jade are best friends in real life. All of these four members know each other personally and they meet each other in real life, make Vlogs, go on outings and other videos like TikTok’s. But slowly, Inquisitormaster started to add more and more members and one day she had almost 10 above members. Drake was already gone in late 2020 and fans were desperately waiting for him. All of this time Alex and Zach were in a relationship and everyone liked this couple a lot. Even people were talking about their marriage. They also talked about Drake coming back to the squad in their last videos when they were together. ALex and Zach said that he is going to come back to the squad soon.  So, it means that everything was normal by then. 

Zach used to be inactive on his own ZacharyZaxor channel for a long time because he was busy making videos with the Inquisitormaster squad. But since the video, in which Alex was really close with Levi and they were behaving like a couple, was troublesome for Zach and some of the fans. At that time, the fans were divided into two groups, one who were fishing Alex and Levi together and the other with Zach and found that wrong. Some of the fans gave death threats to Zach and asked him not to come on between this cute couple. Maybe Alex started to like Levi at that time. Zach was hurt and felt bad. Even though he didn’t tell the fans and pretended that he was happy and nothing was wrong, he was really disturbed. 

Similarly, in one of the Instagram stories, Alex said that she had been depressed and sad for a few months and the reason she told was the things that were happening between the members of the squad behind the cameras. She asked everyone to respect all of the members. She further said that she usually doesn’t share her sadness with anyone, but this time it was hard to hide. So all of the fans speculated that Zach and Alex have broken up now and this is due to something that happened between them and they are not telling it to the public. 

And suddenly, one day, Zach started to make videos on his own channel and he came back after a long time on his channel. In the beginning, he made videos with Jade in which they even answered fans’ questions. And then other members came with him in the games that are Erza, Darkness and Skye. And on the 19th of June, Drake also joined them and that was really surprising because he was meant to join the Inquisitormaster squad. So it means that he is not going back. 

Guys, maybe Zach has caught ALex cheating on him with Levi in real life and he was hurt that’s why he didn’t want to continue working with the squad. That’s why he will never forgive Alex. He made his own squad named PAck or you can say Z squad and he is happy playing games with them. Drake and Zach together can make any video lovely and entertaining for fans no matter what. Roblox is nothing without them. Even Jade is not appearing in Inquisitormaster squad anymore because soon she is going to get married with Drake as confirmed by Zach. They were  in a relationship for a long long time. And now it also seems that Zach has a new girlfriend that is Erza, because in recent videos, they seem really close with each other. 

One thing is for sure that Zach has left Alex after they broke up and he is angry with her. He also uploads instagram stories about Z squad and not anything about Inquisitormaser squad now. 


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