Zach is having an affair with inquisitormaster Alex’s best friend?! This is shocking news coming out from the Inquisitormaster camp.  So who is Zach cheating inquisitormaster with?

So it seems inquisitormaster and Zach are at breaking point. Things aren’t as sweet as before. Zach is known to constantly cheat on Inquisitormaster Alex. Is this the reason that they’re on the verge of breaking up? Well it turns out that Zach is cheating on Inquisitormaster with her best friend. And which best friend you may be wondering. Well the best friend is none other than ItsFunneh. Yeah that’s right    ItsFunneh, also known as Kat, is a gaming YouTuber with 7 million plus subscribers.

Funneh is the middle child in her family. She has four siblings, namely PaintingRainbows (more well known as Rainbow or Betty La), GoldenGlare aka (Gold / Kim La), LunarEclispe (Lunar / Wenny La), and DraconiteDragon (Draco / Allen La). Together they form a group called THE KREW.

She is known for playing Minecraft and ROBLOX and in addition, she plays Human Fall Flat, Overcooked 2, Fortnite, Sims 4 and more.Her YouTube channel is mostly kid-friendly  along with Krew. She currently has over 7 million subscribers  and over 7.5 billion views on her channel. She is currently 25 years old and will be turning 26 this October.

Well if you Know the two are really good friends and they even planned on collaborating. Inquisitormaster was supposed to join the Krew and they even planned on creating video content together. Inquisitormaster’s channel is currently going through quite a lot with a few squad members including Zach absent. She seems to be losing a lot of views due to the absence of the two twins namely Zach and Drake. Drake it seems has apparently left the squad to join the Krew. However ItsFunneh has denied any claims that Drake would join the Krew. Coming back to the topic, everything went well until the point the two met at a video fan meet and inquisitormaster and ItsFunneh had a big fight. And the main reason for the fight was  Zach. Inquisitormaster was furious with ItsFunneh over her stealing Zach. Zach was seen repeatedly apologizing to inquisitormaster and requesting her to stop. Everything seems fine at the moment as Zach has Apologized to inquisitormaster.

However, inquisitormaster and ItsFunneh are not on talking terms at the moment. Their plans for a collaboration have fallen apart thanks to the fight and this has left fans disappointed. It remains to be seen as to when the two youtubers will patch up and leave their differences aside.

As for Zach, this isn’t the first time he’s been cheating on Inquisitormaster.  He has been previously rumoured to be dating youtubers such as LeahAshe and IamSanna despite  being in a relationship with inquisitormaster. You guys may already know that Inquisitormaster and Zach are in a relationship since 2017 and they’ve known each other even before that time, so it’s pretty surprising to think that Zach could cheat on her. It seems like Zach can’t stop cheating.

During the days of the blond Squad with Alex, Zach and Lizzy. inquisitormaster caught Zach and Lizzy cheating. She thus disbanded the blond Squad due to the fears that she’d lose Zach. She then formed a new squad with the current squad members.

Zach however has not abandoned cheating on Inquisitormaster and was later rumored to be cheating on Alex with LeahAshe. Now, LeahAshe and inquisitormaster aren’t good friends and Zach it seems was quietly texting LeahAshe behind Alex’s back. She finally found out and confronted Zach about this and he denied the claims citing that the rumors were out to spoil their relationship. However, this current fight between Inquisitormaster and ItsFunneh over Zach has opened Alex’s eyes and she now realizes that she cannot trust Zach any longer. It was due to this that their marriage broke and they didn’t get married at the start of 2021. The two however are still together and are apparently patching up and trying to start afresh

Guys, we do not know for sure whether these rumors are true or not. There are countless videos and articles on the Web claiming that Zach and inquisitor master has broken up. However, Alex regularly uploads videos of her and Zach together on her alternate channel ‘Alex’. We recommend that you do not believe these rumors about the two breakings up. Only believe the rumors of the breakup from Alex and since she hasn’t mentioned anything we can’t say for sure.
We absolutely love the couple and we hope they stay together for years to come


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