How to FIND Condo & Scented Con Games in Roblox!😲 (July 2022)

Are you still struggling to play some condo and scented con games? But you’re still confused to find the perfect method to play condo games without fear of getting blocked?

The most important part of playing these games is that you can be banned and your profile can be permanently removed from Roblox because it is against the policy of Roblox to upload or to play these types of games. 

Similarly, another thing that you should know is that condo games do not exist for long. They will be deleted after 1 hour, 2 hours, or just 24 hours. It depends on how much time it takes for the authorities to detect the game that is violating the policy rules. So, we have to find the best way that allows you to play the game as soon as it is uploaded so that you can enjoy playing them anytime. 

There are a lot of methods and you may find some better than others according to your choice. But still, some methods are not recommended as they are against the rules. But before I tell you the methods to play real condo and scented con games, let me tell you that, Roblox have also some similar games uploaded on it that you can say are the low version of these condo games. For example, Vibe games and Club games are almost all adult games. If you are not that much into condo games but you wanna enjoy some adult games then, these are the ones. Another game meep city also has the vibes of condo games. These types of games have almost everything in them like club lights and other things except the real part.  So you can enjoy these games without having fear of getting banned. 

Now coming to the main point. Here are some methods to find and play real condo and scented con games for sure. 

  • First of all, as you know, Roblox allows you to make groups where you can add friends and share updates about various games. Some of the users have made groups just for this purpose of giving links to the condo and scented con games. You have to find these groups yourself and then you can easily enter into these games. But let me tell you that this method is not safe because you will be banned in no time and all the players who are in the group will never be able to play any game again in Roblox. SO we have to find some other method which is safe right! 
  • The next method that I am going to tell you is the best one guys. Because not only you will find the links to the real games, but also all the links to condo games are provided here regularly. So the method is through Discords. Discords are private servers of people where they make groups and chat with people to share updates about certain topics regularly. Many people have made these discords for the sole purpose of sharing links to these condo and scented con games. But the question is; How to find these discords easily. There are various methods for that too. Let me tell you one by one. 

-You can find these discords on youtube because many YouTubers have provided the links to their discords and you have to follow certain YouTubers related to Roblox. They provide discord links regularly. So yeah! Go and find these Youtubers and the links.

-The other easiest and most effective method is that, go to Twitter, Instagram, and reddit, and other social media platforms, where there are a lot of people who have provided the links to their discords. You just have to follow some hashtags and then you will be able to find the right links guys! 

– Similarly, one more easy way is to subscribe to some websites where these links to discords can be found in one place and are updated regularly. Therefore you have to find these websites on social media too. But once found, it is best for you. 

The best thing about discords is that you can easily find the links all the time and you don’t have to worry about finding the game each time. But the only thing you will have to take care of is that, as soon as the link is uploaded, play the game, otherwise you will not find the game after some time.

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