How to Find NEW Condo & Scented Con Games in Roblox in May 2021!

Do you guys know? Roblox is under security for condo games that could expose the kids and young users to naked figures and crude language, and this is a really bad side of the platform. How to find Condo games and Scented con games in ROBLOX is the biggest question by the players these days. If you write the words condo games or scented con games in search bar, guess what? you will find nothing. 

So, if you guys really want to search these particular games, then you may use the old or alternative account for to search the condo and scented con games. If you are very eager to play these stupid games then there are some methods like I am gonna describe.

The Roblox team works tirelessly to get rid of them so the only alternative to find them is by finding the links now this isn’t as easy as it may seem finding a link is also a task in itself and you will need some external help to do so. You can try and find the condos and scented con games in the Roblox community section you can do that within the Roblox app you may also be aware of the Roblox groups feature right using this you can create a group or be a part of any other group in Roblox. There are dedicated groups in Roblox that deliver links to con games so by being a member of some of these groups. You may be able to get access to these games let me again tell you these games get banned by the Roblox team really fast so the fun won’t last long

Another easiest method to get into these games is by using Reddit and Twitter, where users provide these links. If you have friends on these platforms, they will easily provide you the required links and it will be easy for you.

Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby is a roleplay game created by Adopt and Raise Fans. Users in the group receive free items in-game. The game has a like-to-dislike ratio of 1,766–747, giving it a 70% rating. The game has been favorited over 14K times. Each game server holds 23 players. Game seems to be a pretty normal game and not really one of them oh yeah condo dating e-dating type games or online dating that breaks in your Roblox rules it’s mostly just few things that makes it condo dating game.

The next method to finding links is through discord. Discord is certainly gaming heaven with dedicated servers to almost everything in the world. You can also use discord to find a good link for the NSFW games in Roblox as well as this with discord. You are a part of the community also so you can keep up with updates regarding timings of the launch of new con games therefore most enthusiasts do tend to use this method and that rounds things off for us these are the most reliable methods by which you can find condos and scented con games in Roblox. And we assure you that they will work however as we have said they tend not to last very long because roadblocks find and ban them quite quickly. 

But be careful in joining those platforms and opening links at your own risk because, some users are getting banned and so you can’t get back into the game with the same name, make sure your social media name and ROBLOX name are not similar. But if you are not aware of the word condo, then don’t even find these games on ROBLOX. If you are really bored and want to spend your time on these stupid things, then you can find those discord servers and open the links provided there. I hope you are not that much bored and free in life to waste time in finding and opening these links to find the stupid stuff. But if still, you are that mad then, you can follow the steps provided in this blog post.

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