HOW to FIND Roblox Scented Con Games that WORK (July 2022)

Here are a few secret ways to find scented con hands-on Roblox

Anonymous users

You may find some anonymous users which may forward you some links to join condo games on Roblox. Before joining make sure you know the person well. Don’t just blindly follow and get desperate to get access to the condo games. Make sure the guy that approaches you is genuine, interrogate him. If the guy says that he needs some Robux to provide you the access they are definitely scammers. If you know the person you can either say yes or no. You can even ask your friends or other gamers and try your luck out to gain access to the scented con games. 

Roblox platform

The next way you can find Roblox scented condo is on the Roblox platform itself. Now roblox does not openly promote scented con games, but you can still find them on the Roblox website. These Roblox games are very much similar to condo games but a little less controversial which is why they’re not banned by Roblox. To find such condo games all you need to do is go on to Roblox and search for ‘vibe games’ in the search box, since these games have a unique vibe to them.  You can use other related terms that refer to condos but make sure not to use any derogatory terms or your account can be blocked

Roblox groups

This is also a  great place to start looking for scented condo games on ROBLOX itself. Roblox groups have a lot of like-minded players looking for and discussing various games. Now some players tend to send links to various Roblox scented con games. You can check these links and play these games. However, make sure you click on the links as soon as they’re dropped because Roblox admins are constantly on the lookout for suspicious links and so Roblox will immediately ban the games if they go against the Roblox terms of service. We can assure you that this is a safe method to look for condo games because there are Roblox admins present in groups to monitor what is being sent. If they feel that a link is spam or can cause harm of any sort they will straight away take the link down. The same goes for condos, if a condo game is unsafe to play the Roblox admins on the group will remove the link

Social media 

Social media is a great place to look for Roblox scented condos. There are subreddits or groups on Reddit dedicated to Roblox. You can also find Roblox scented condos on Facebook 

However, the best place to look for scented condo games is discord. There are groups on discord sharing links to join and play con games. some amazing discord that you should definitely go join include-

.Roblox Sex

Roblox Condo service

Katsu カツ


Roblox underground


However be careful while on discord since some links can harm you or your device. This is the least safe method to look  for condo  games

Best scented condos for July

Finally, let us take a look at some great condo games to play in July. One game is boys and girls dance club. In this game, you can gather and hang out with your friends. You can spend a great time at night clubs .another great game is Survive the killer. This is a survival horror game that will really leave you on the edge while playing. The game involves high levels of violence which could bring severe consequences to the young mind of a child. Players are equipped with guns and weapons that can shoot around on the enemies and can claim their reward. Kids below 13 years are advised to not play the game 

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