New Scented Con Games you MUST play!

Do you guys know? Roblox is under security for condo games that could expose the kids and young users to naked figures and crude language, and this is a really bad side of the platform. If you are wondering what kind of Roblox games are Condo ones, then stick to the post till the end to find out.

Welcome back, guys! Though there are many scented con games due to policy issues they got deleted. So guys in today’s post, we will be talking about some of the Scented Con games.


LOL captions is a game created by a famous user called Stickmasterluke. The server must consist of 3 or more players in order for the game to start. At the start of the game, a random picture is chosen. But sometime the picture is so inappropriate that makes it a condo game. I don’t really understand the game and to be honest they say it’s more of a hangout just to find any condo games and it’s the safest route to find condo games and if that’s true but if it is true hopefully this game gets taken down from Roblox because it’s a very inappropriate game and i don’t even know why it’s still up on Roblox like Roblox don’t allow condo games and we know that they remove condo games or con games.


People don’t like to discuss these games too much because these games make them quiet. I don’t really understand the game as much but I am pretty sure that is a condo game and the real reason why I am going over this in this posts it’s just to show you guys what games not to make and to stay away from now I want to keep everyone that plays Roblox safe and this is just one of the games. Shower simulator does have a very popular fan base and why like it’s not really a condo game people still count it as a condo game because it’s a shower simulator like what else do you do in the shower other than taking a shower and use the bathroom you really just you know in that type of situation because it’s a condo game.


People don’t really consider this a con game or any of that due to the fact that you know it’s a dance club and a lot of stuff happened in the dance club so cons can happen and a lot of other stuff like can happen. No the reason is somewhat different why I don’t consider this a con game? It’s just due to the fact that you know people just have fun share music that they like and share other interests that they like all just in the club. As I said before anything can happen in the club so it’s completely up to you or the person or whoever comes up or whoever you go up to make it a condo game or just to make it a regular dance club and have a good time. now there’s high school games that have dance clubs on there but boys and girls dance club is definitely a con game. They are inappropriate and not really available for kids like if I wouldn’t have these games at all or let these games be made but the players who keep on winning these games there’s so many players condo games really get removed like around 20 minutes or so but still they’re up on Roblox.


Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby is a roleplay game created by Adopt and Raise Fans. Users in the group receive free items in-game. The game has a like-to-dislike ratio of 1,766–747, giving it a 70% rating. The game has been favorited over 14K times. Each game server holds 23 players. Game seems to be a pretty normal game and not really one of them oh yeah condo dating e-dating type games or online dating that breaks in your Roblox rules it’s mostly just few things that makes it condo dating game. Have you guys tried any of the discussed Condo game? If yes then let us know in the comment section. So guys next up we have another one


Virus simulator is a game that I don’t really want to call it a condo game. Do you know why? Because it is not directly a condo game. It’s in that situation where a lot of players from condo games or con games come and play virus simulator someone said like one of the people that played virus simulator, or the owners really give out like links to condo games and they partner with condo games. Even though it’s not allowed on Roblox for like original games to partner with condo games. Its really not a good thing that makers of video games partnering up with inappropriate games or off game websites, but some people still do it for money and some can be other reasons.

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