Roblox Games that will Give you FREE ROBUX!

Are you grinding for Robux?  You might not be playing these games well enough to earn Robux. You should thus be spending more time on these games

Here’s a list of games that reward you with Robux for playing them.


The first  game we have for you is Brookhaven. This is a great game to earn Robux. You can do quite a lot of illegal stuff in brookhaven like Robbing the bank or stealing people’s houses. There are ways by which you can enter strangers’ houses and rob their vaults. Now we would not recommend that you do such illegal stuff in the game but if you’re desperate for Robux it’s definitely worth it . Also Brooke is a great game if you’re looking to save on some Robux. It is quite cheaper to play Brookhaven compared to bloxburg. You might not get the great graphics or extra features but hey both games reward you for playing the game. That’s what matters the most.

Obby games

Now obby games are quite popular and some are even among the most played games’ on Roblox. Now most obby games are known for scamming players out of Robux by forcing players to play and divulge personal info. We’ll get to that later but before that there are a few OBBY games worth playing and getting rewarded. Some great games include, secret OBBY, Minions adventure OBBY, tower of hell and obstacle paradise. Among these tower of hell is a great game that rewards you for playing. The others are also worth playing if you’re looking for a few robux


This is the   game you ought to play if you’re looking to earn Robux. You can find a job as the pizza delivery guy delivering pizzas around bloxburg. You can get around 1000 Robux per delivery but that depends on how often you work as a delivery guy. You need to be at a higher level , preferably 35 to 40 in order to earn 1000 Robux per delivery. It is quite easy to reach  the higher  levels , it takes just around an hour per day for 2 to 3 months and at the end you’ll be earning well over a thought Robux per delivery. Now it’s quite a grind bug in the end your email job is fulfilling. Now you could also be a baker at the pizza store but it’s a lot more work and the pay isn’t as High as delivering pizzas. 

There are several other ways to earn Robux in bloxburg like redeeming promo codes , running a business and other means

Attack on Titan Freedom awaits

The next game on the list is an attack on Titan genre Roblox game.AoT: Freedom Awaits is a sandbox-style game mode that gives you one of the most authentic experiences of being a soldier taking the fight to the Titans. The controls are the best we’ve seen, giving you absolute control while Playing the game. You can complete tasks and earn in-game currency to upgrade your character and get access to more weapons. We suggest you definitely try this game if you are a fan of the Attack on Titan manga or anime and want to earn a few robux.

Adopt me

And finally, on the list, we have none other than Adopt me. There are several ways to earn Robux in this game. Your best bet if you’re a beginner is to complete daily tasks and log in to earn daily rewards. Leveling up is a little time-consuming but you eventually earn more as you attain higher levels in the game.  You can also run a business such as a lemonade or hotdog stall and earn Robux. Besides you can Also trade pets in the game letting you earn more.

Roblox Adopt Me is by far the best game when it comes to earning Robux

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