How often do you grind for Roblox? Do you spend all day looking for ways to earn a few extra Robux? If yes, you should definitely read this post till the end as you’ll learn about a few legit websites that pay Robux to answer surveys and complete tasks.

Now there are a bazillion ways to earn. Robux in Roblox. Some popular ways include creating and selling your own Roblox game, designing and customizing clothes and accessories for playable characters, virtual items, referrals, and servers to play games. Now if all these methods of earning Robux seem too complicated or haven’t worked for you in any way, there’s another means by which you can earn Robux. It is one of the more unorthodox means to earn Robux but it still works and you can earn some decent Robux. It is also by far the easiest way to earn Robux. If you’re still guessing, answering surveys on websites can give you Robux. All you have to do is complete tasks, take surveys and invite others to take these surveys. After completion, you get paid in Robux either directly to your Roblox account or in the form of Roblox gift cards.

Today, we’ll take a look at a few of these reward sites and see how legit they are


The first website that we have for you is a website called OP REWARDS.OPRewards is a free-to-use online platform that connects gamers who wish to earn digital rewards for free, to companies looking to reward users for helping them out, by checking out their mobile application, watching their video advertisements, or filling out their surveys.

After you sign up for an OPRewards.com account, you are able to select from a list of different ‘offers’ (tasks, surveys or app downloads) to complete, provided by the partnered offer companies. When you successfully complete any offer, the partnered company will pay oprewards money, and you will be rewarded ‘points’ on this website accordingly. You can then redeem these points to earn Robux gift cards. It’s a totally legit website and among the biggest Robux giveaway website.

Link: https://oprewards.com/?r=2624059


The next website that we have for you guys is Robloxwin.com. All you have to do is sign up on the website and complete tasks including surveys. You will earn points for every task that you complete, which you can then redeem for Robux. Do not worry when they ask you to sign up with your Roblox username since you need it to redeem your points for Robux. You also get 5 points or 5$robux on signing up to the website.  There’s a certain minimum number of points that you need to earn to convert your points to Robux. It’s among the top websites to earn Robux and there have been over a million visitors to the website to date. 

Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/website.informer.com/amphtml/robloxwin.com


This website works the same as the site above. Except that on this website there are more offer walls than the previous one. You have to answer surveys in order to redeem points. Once you earn the required amount of points, you can convert them into Robux and transfer them to your Roblox account. This website takes a little longer to transfer the points to your account, however it is legit and should definitely be used to earn a few extra Robux. The site has a daily visitor count of 265k which proves this site is legit

Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/website.informer.com/amphtml/rbxboost.com


This is another great website that rewards you with Robux on completing tasks and surveys. It works in the same way as the ones above. Most surveys usually take 5 minutes and are rather easy to answer.  This is one of the most transparent websites in our opinion. Points can be redeemed and transferred to your Roblox account within 5 to 7 days.

Link: https://rbx.gg/#!/home


Now, these websites may be legit, but earning Robux through means other than the official ROBLOX websites is illegal and against Roblox terms of service. Your account can hence be banned if Roblox decides to. Now we aren’t asking you to quit earning Robux through these means. Rather, be careful on which websites you sign up with your username. Since your data is vulnerable and your account can be possibly hacked or banned. Always stay safe on an internet

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