Why Roblox Condo Games will be banned

We all know that scented games on roblox are controversial. It is without doubt that such games aren’t going to be on the roblox platform  forever 

So roblox is planning to transform the gaming platform in 2021. They are constantly introducing new updates and features. They are also getting rid of certain things , one of them being scented con games.  It seems roblox wants to get rid of games that are not deemed safe to play or at least clean up the system.

Let us take a look at some reasons why Roblox wants to ban scented condos.

Cleaning up the system

As we mentioned roblox has planned huge updates for 2021. They want to improve the security feature on roblox to prevent hackings and roblox accounts being compromised. Another thing they really want to accomplish in 2021 is to clean up the system by taking down games that do not meet roblox terms of service. If you are unaware, roblox has been through 2 legal court battles in the space of one month and they do not want another case filed against them regarding the type of games on their platform.  As you all know roblox is a platform for children, most of the demographic are kids below the age of 13. Roblox fears that they could be in trouble again if they don’t ban a few games that aren’t safe for kids to play. Expect to see a chunk of roblox scented condo games being taken down.

They’ve banned scented condo games in the past

Now it isn’t like  roblox has banned scented cons in the past. It however wasn’t on a scale they are currently planning to in the future. At the most they would ban 1or 2 condo games a month. That’s pretty normal because roblox is a free platform  where developers can create their own games and upload them to roblox. Roblox then verifies whether the game is safe to play. They also check whether the game doesn’t break any parameters such as copyright,  etc. If the game passes all the required parameters they approve the game and it is open for players to play. The last notable scented condo game that was banned was Virtual shower simulator. The game was banned in October of 2020.  Maybe you’ve played the game before since it was very popular.  However some copies of the game were quite risqué as they involved  public gatherings of roblox players where they were completely naked in the game. The game also featured explicit chat features and obviously was deemed unsafe by roblox. Since then very few games have been banned. However now roblox plans to be more stern with passing condo games, so we can expect to see fewer condos being released 

Many Roblox games have condo features.

Now you might be wondering  ,’will you be able to play condo games after the ban?’ Well, actually yes. Many roblox games have some condo features that you can enjoy even if actual scented condo games get banned. A popular example is meep city, which actually is more like a condo game.. in fact meep city is one of the most popular games on roblox, appealing to millions of roblox players. The game has a public hangout feature very similar to condo games such as club iris, vibe in New York City,etc. These games are referred to as soft condos and are completely safe to play and won’t be banned by roblox.

Roblox isn’t banning condos completely 

Finally, we’d like to add, Roblox isn’t getting rid of the scented condo gaming genre of games. Roblox will just be keeping a watch on new condos that release and they will ban old games with a lot of gore or adult material. You can rest assured that your favorite condo game will stay on Roblox.

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